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Issue 189

Over 25 years in publication and global distribution

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Created, Channeled, Written, Published and Copyrighted with Love by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


This newsletter is Spirit Driven and  has been in circulation since 1986.

It reaches a core group of millions of dedicated Planetary LightWorkers.

One to one, light to Light, it births itself into completion from that point forward


This newsletter is lovingly crafted by Spirit

any imperfections in spelling and grammar only enhance its beauty and uniqueness.




*** Energy surges ‘just keep coming’

*** Polarity is a two way street

*** 11:11 Portal

*** Eye of Horus stone & K2 stones

***Cosmic Classified


From your hostess of Light

This time of year has been a power point since I can remember. We sit in accordance with our own decrees getting ready for the rocket to leave the launch pad on the shores of self. The very heavens themselves line up as Sirius and the Pleiades and the belt of Orion tightens around our own inquiring energy field.

we feel the holiness pull us closer as the christmas music begins. Issuing a decree that magic is in the air for the taking. The time-fields have shifted as had magnetic truths, our days and nights are manipulated by others as we seek to line up with the real time lines. 

Trust what is in your heart not on the calendar that has been changed from human time beginning. Your inner rhythms seek to align with the other energies creating a harmony and resonance that has not been heard or felt for some time. Reality shifts and turns like a restless sleeper on a windy winter night. We look in the mirror trying to find a reflection that fits us in these changing times. We see only fractured fairy tales of the past, reflecting all of our learning’s and dramas.

We as light beings have traveled thru time and circumstance to this point in the galaxy bringing with us truths we have acquired and kept in our hearts for eons of time. We seed this glorious green living planet with both our trash and our treasures.

Within the molecular content of all of our creations lives a spark of Light. It is that spark of Light we set free starting this 11:11 until January 11, 2015. It is this spark of Light that we will rewrite into a program that will serve what we seek in our heart at this time on Earth. This holy season you will be granted a Christmas Wish via the whims and instructs of a loving Creator. Giving to you the perfect gift that will serve your highest good at this part of your Light and life. 

Make room in your life and home for what seeks to grace your world. Open to all possibilities for the universe seeds your heart anew as you leave 2014. It gives to you instructs that will grant what you seek to know; Insights via whims and dreams as to the next point of your journey. The Courage to claim the mountains of self. Courage to go where angels fear to thread and the guts to keep on believing what you know in your heart to be true.



Energy surges ‘just keep coming’

As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

I don’t know about you all but I am having another paramount energy surge. We all are being pulled into swirling black hole awareness with the thought of being completely alone in a rather crowded world. So many have been aware for so long we do not know any other way of life. Spiritual awareness is a normal part of life. So many are prepared and practiced in the art of conscious awareness and creation while driving on the road to enlightment side-stepping the potholes of present reality.

We know we are lightworkers with a purpose but there are still days that we hang on by a single frayed hair. We know that we are not like others except for the way we look. We know that we will shift the outcome of a prophesy that comes unraveled and then re-sews itself into another possibility on another dimension. We watch everything and everyone for a symbol, a message, and a truth that will continue to indiscernibly escort us down the path of light like a white feather floating in a rainbow filled oil slick.  

We look deep into the eyes of all we meet knowing that any person could be a saint, a sinner, an angel, or a dedicated decoy and plant. We discern every drop of energy that comes our way like a great chef preparing the ‘last supper.’

We are the sentinels of light waiting for what is to come; in any and all forms. We look for the cosmic code, a planetary lineup, stars becoming a quasar. We seek  something anything that will give us a sign. Praying that our holy breadcrumb will not be devoured by life.  We sit high on Mt. Olympus looking above and below the clouds of illusion. There are days we think we are truly crazy and in the next breath we get an indisputable proof that what we hold in our hearts is truth. Like well-dressed guards in front of white house, we wonder about the secrets we are guarding and the truths we hold.

A development that comes from a place where our world and star-stuff meets is given as the ‘gift of hope’. Hope is imbued with science as more and more of what one believes in their soul comes to the surface. Cellular intelligence declares its independence from trial and error. Living elements are created as what was once fantasy moves closer and closer to a dialogue with ‘space without time’. 

Everyone is asked to participate in this next creational dance. The Achilles heal of many will ache with prayers as they are brought to their emotional knees in order to receive communion with the Light.  Humbleness allows an opening in the ravine of self that once echoed with wrong choices.  The impassable responds to true emotion from the deep clear well of caring. 

You are asked to become the healer. You are asked to become the scholar. You are asked to become all that you hold dear in your heart of hearts.  You are being pulled away from your individual line in the sand and taken to a new beach where each footstep will count. 

You are asked to become more than you ever thought possible! You are asked to increase your belief factor in yourself and those you love. You are asked to redesign yourself in a collage of life imitating love.  You are asked to step up to the plate and sup upon what that which is holy.  Stop whining about what has be-fallen you and see it as a divine learning sculpted by you before you even entered earth.  

.In this time and place a great cosmic pulse beats within the galactic heart and is felt within the heart of all that lives. Declarations of expansion are heard loud and clear through time and space. Every thought is as a time piece that commands your direct attention. Each minute that passes is as a cosmic gift certificate to be spent at the place of choice on the street of heavenly desires. 

As the pulse of light strengths in proportion to desired outcomes it moves its awareness thru time to look at each and every one of its creations.  Seeing how they are spending their life force wisely or foolishly?  benefiting the all or just paying homage to self. 

What is less than in time and value is multiplied and expanded. Choices are blatantly seen. Hiding anything is not an option. An evolutionary wave in direct proportion to the Creators pulse is felt on a cellular level.  Time once obstructed is seen for its flexibility, bending forward or back takes the same energy. As mankind changes his awareness of what space and time is he will release himself from the shackles of the past choices which continue to restrict.  The molecules of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are ever marching forward thru time and space without hesitation.  Outcomes are designed by the species as it chooses to move forward or stay put.

Mankind has the innate ability to become the ‘master’ he bows down to.  The graven image is changed permanently.  Receiving the Christ power is the key to this truth, as what came before comes again.  Stars and galaxies live within the human body and DNA. They are stellar captives of matter who ask to be set free to become what they were born to be.  Let the universe living within you become its true value, as you seek to understand your true value.  The universe is moving forward with or with out you.  New programs and determined properties of bio-luminance creations are coming to the surface of time creating new opportunities for the light to express itself. Completion of the old programs begins quickly as the new codes are issued to humanity via the cosmic pulse. Those who earnestly seek will be lifted on high. All is amplified as it ebbs and flows.

Thought forms of light are ingathered, reevaluated and dispatched to create new worlds. All will be accountable of how they have spent there light.  In the past spiritual gifts have been stunted as many types of energies competed with man for his space and perpetual time.

Electro and bio-chemical imprints have been downloaded into sacred stone housings since time began, waiting for those of earth to receive a remembering into their biology. Physical ionization is necessary to quicken the process of man moving upward into a brighter physical light. 

A great gift awaits those that have been strong enough to stay on the path of light involution and evolution. Within the treasury of light lives all desires, thoughts of want and need. Drawing from this field of light shows one how to complete the process of instantaneous creation.  Those that are righteous in light thought and deed are seen by the luminance of their intentions. They shall be lifted on high to be delivered from an imminent molecular fall. A body of belief must exist before this can happen.  Light transmissions between the physical body and light universes will move upon the stellar rays of creation, in order to birth the collective Christ Light.


Polarity is a two way street

The gifts of what is holy will come to a place of saturation and maturity and finally a light-filled program will be finalized. Light knowledge from an outside source will be transferred allowing a higher intelligence to be imbued upon those that seek to know without fear.  Old ways of thinking will be dissolved and many out dated thoughts with them.  Polarity is a two way street, a coming and a going, a receiving and a rejecting, a have and a have not.  While you are on Earth every thought has a counterpart that is birthed by design. 

The planet Earth is a living breathing school of opposites and polarities.  Each person, place, and thing has an energy signature.  ‘Plenty’ goes hand in hand with ‘not enough’.  ‘Rich slow dances with poor, happy hugs sad, truth sits side by side with falsehood’.  These little polarity gods ride within the lines of every thought, every action, every creation.  Everything holds equal parts of the opposite – that’s what makes Earth such a wonderful school. 

Earth is a school for thoughts in training, a spiritual boot camp, a master’s retreat.  While you are on Earth the foundation of who you think you are is completely stripped away to reveal who you are to become.  Everything that happens to you in life is a gift, a priceless bequest.  Learning to manifest what the Light in one wants and desires can be a spiritual challenge and sacred journey simultaneouly.  To manifest your creation into physical form you must truly come into communion with the God within and the God without.  It is only from this original point of creation that you can create at all.  All else is a magic trick, a slight of hand, an illusion. 

With each thought of manifestation we are immediately drawn into an internal dialogue.  Everything within us, as well as our outside world, reflects mirrors and magnifies all the reasons that this manifestation cannot, will not, should not be created. All the reasons one does not deserve it. We have spent so many years in penance, beating ourselves up with the limited consciousness of the past, and the pre-programmed genetic weaknesses of lack and of poverty.  Imagine your awareness, your consciousness as a computer; a computer that has many old programs playing day after day telling you why your dreams cannot be birthed, why your heart’s desires cannot be manifested. 

By knowing and focusing upon what is Divine Truth you will become empowered in a way that has previously been unknown to you.  Embrace the shadow thoughts, the counterpart thoughts, understand the inherit energy that they hold.  Divine knowing is moving past a place of fear or lack.  We live on a planet of polarities – acknowledge them but do not allow them to own you. 

Nothing can stop you but you.  Everything and everyone outside of you has been contracted by you to teach you and mirror your thoughts.  They are drawn to you like magic. Bad luck, good luck, or no luck are created by your thoughts and verbal decrees.  Become empowered by focusing on only what you want to create instead of giving your life force to that which you do not want to create.  On this planet of polarities your shadow, counterpart, polarity is a gift.  What you do with it is where your true learning lives.

Your soul broadcasts beyond the boundaries that you knowingly seek. The next level of attunement that you seek lives within the solar crossings of your light and thoughts.  For eons humans have thought of themselves as body, mind, and absent out of sight spirit. As the night energies come forth Spirit steps out of the shadow of the old self and takes on a new level of transference. Your humanness becomes multifaceted.  Your mind becomes multifaceted.  Your spirit stands ready to take you to uncharted territory. Everything stretches itself looking for more of its true identity. 

The energies of the 11:11 portal are accentuated as Mother Nature becomes all she has secretly desired to be. Allow the pulsing of your human earth-blood and the sound of your breath to be heard as music. You exist multi-dimensionality. All of your actions of earth are as a centerpiece a lazy-Susan that spins as each energy surge elevates earth changing her. You are an intersection of dimensional fluxes and experiences. All of your choices here on earth also influence the outcomes of other stellar and bio-cellular experiences. All avenues of time and space deliver you messages, incoming and out going. 

As you sit at the energy doorway of 11:11, you will become a deciding factor.  You have been told since time began that ye are Gods in swaddling clothes. Earth is A place where those that are destined for greatness meet to play and manifest. 

As you stand in this Creational portal there will be no more excuses.  There will be no more victims. Everything that you do in upcoming time influences the outcome of events to be seen.  Every negative thought that you have about yourself or others shifts the scales of polarity in a to and fro experience.

Every positive thought that you have shifts in accordance with your energy interpretation of events.  No longer are you at the mercy of others.  All of life and light sits and awaits your actions, your thoughts, and your interpretation. In the mind fields of human evolvement, there is a tendency for you to hold on to what keeps you afloat.

All 11:11 doorways since 1992 continually intensify  in accordance with earths needs. Like one who stands in front of an automatic door walking back and forth pondering, should they enter or should they exit.  You no longer have the luxury of playing with those automatic doors of expansion and contraction, Your every word, your every thought; your every intention is received. Octaves of what is hidden reveals itself as a scroll that is rolled out to be read in the language of the heart, not understood by the eyes.  Everything holds a holy composition within it.

It is time to make internal peace. It is necessary before you can ever see the external peace that you so seek.  Another cannot birth peace for you, only self has that ability. It is time for you to enter all that you have held secret and sacred within yourselves.  Everything that you seek lives within the cellular memory and the DNA composition. 

On11:11 God will take a very deep inhale reaching deep into all of his creations. As this occurs on the out breath of the Universe a deep liberation will occur, releasing several levels of psychic, mental, and physical debris. The universe is cleansing many layers of your being, loosening and redistributing blocks so that can easily be dismissed on the next inhale of the Creator. In other words, all that is solid and dank and dark within you is breathed loving and exquisitely by the prime creator back into itself. The angers that have been keeping you down and stagnant will be lifted. 

The reason for the heaviness of self as of late has to do with the many portions of you that have gathered as a depository.  They migrate to a magnetic point in your physical body.  From this magnetic point, they will exit and be sent to Prime Creator.  Not only will this be experienced within the physical body, but it will also be experienced within the planetary body, the planetary emotional body, and the planetary memory body.  For Earth herself will be lifted out of the ever clinging memory of the tar pit of death and annihilation that has happened throughout time.  The Prime Creator, the Universe will escort this back into original source to be purified recycled and used again.

The Prime Creator is taking the thickness of the energies and birthing new universes.  He/She/They run a little bit short on the very fabric of livingness and the atomic structure of what has been created.  So He/She/They take from the stockpile of humanness and earth, the thickest and darkest of all and bring it into a formation that is beyond your measure of beauty. 

With this knowing allow this coagulation to happen within your body.  You may have pains that come and go in the body, in the heart memories, in the heaviness of all emotion, but it gathers to be birthed anew into a new universe. So the very fabric of your being and all that you have been through time after time as well as all Mother Earth has endured, will be birthed into beautiful cellular structures of baby light and beginning life in another part of God, and you will be part of that. 

As a gift for allowing all of this to take place (as if you needed a gift for releasing all of this thick emotional debris) you will be lifted several levels of light towards Ascension. This will be equal to climbing a mountain of 5500 feet and looking over your world with a gentle knowing and a heavenly appreciation of everything that has brought you to be who you are now.  

It takes more molecules to create anger, than it does a joy.  It takes more molecules to hold disease within a body than it does to heal it.  All that is holy is very light and non-fattening.  I ask you to allow the Creator to breathe you in deeply.  Feel yourself being lifted by this holy breath. Allow the out breath to bring you into the expansion that you so seek.

As all of this is happening  you may find a lightness of head and vertigo of nature.  You may find emotional surges come forth to you in great tears and fears.  You will feel the presence of the holy ones as they stand by your side. You will be alleviated of what has stuck to your soul as tar and feathers for so many existences.



What is good within you has survived the storms

As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

11:11 is a number activation sequence. Each time that you see 1111 on a clock you are being given an opportunity to walk into a opening of Manifestation. The universe has just taken a snapshot of your thoughts, which then are manifesting into the physical in record speed. The time period from November 11, to January 11 is considered to be the ‘holy trinity’ months. It is a divine decree and opportunity issued to all of earth. Wake-up, and smell the Cosmic coffee. Eleven is the number of masters. 11:11 is an encoded molecular structure of Remembrance, activating the Master of Light we have always been.

This is the Biological Ascension, and 11:11 is the Ascension Doorway. The Light of Ascension comes in many forms and on many levels. It comes not always in one day, or one moment.  For we Ascend and descend continually word by word, thought by thought. Ascension is birthed from every breath, every thought, every word.  As the 11:11 energies enter let them purge you of what has been solidified and blocked. All of heaven known and unknown enters through this 11:11 Gateway. Align with all you know to be love. A flooding of the heart with love allows you to rise above previous emotional tide lines and the barnacles of the past. Set sail into a heart that is free of debris, free of the definitions of the past.

What is good within you has survived the storms and floods. What was darkened has been cleared and polished into a bright light. You are being reformatted in thought and deed into a place where you can consciously conceive a world that is better what you prayed for. Anoint with this knowledge for a new level of life that has been sequestered bursts forth from your atoms. You are surging with galactic memories and truths that have laid dormant deep within your DNA, waiting for the exact energetic signature to awaken them.

Burst free from the previous shackles of limitation and fly high on the spiraling winds of truth beyond thinking and time contained. Your eternal heart will lead you in the direction of perfect flow.  Yes you are coming undone, yes you are releasing, and yes you will lose focus of what you thought was truth. Jump from this bridge of limitation and learn to fly by trust and trust alone. There is no one to stop you, but you. Your life is your own creation choose either to be a victim or a victor.  Ask that all has been done against you now blesses you in the fullness of time. Move toward a longitude of light that awaits your presence. Light has a need to serve to embrace to become one with. Without you the light sits alone in waiting.

This 11:11 Doorway is an entryway into your highest potential as a human seeking divine recollection. The number One is a singularity within 'all that is'. The 'one' seeks itself through mirror like reflection of the world around it. This doorway offers an opportunity to surpass any limitations you have unknowingly set for yourself. One to one to one enter the oneness hidden deep within your being at the center point of your soul.






Author Serge Kahili King

To bless something means to give recognition to a positive quality,

condition, with the intention that what you recognize will increase, and come into being.


ADMIRATION ~ the offering of compliments or praise to something good that you notice , "What a beautiful sunset; you're so much fun."

AFFIRMATION~ this is a specific statement of blessing for increase or endurance, like, "I bless the beauty of this tree; blessed be the health of your body; I am grateful to share small acts of kindness today."

this is an expression of gratitude that something good exists or has happened, like, "Thank you, Great Spirit for hearing me; I give thanks to the rain for nourishing the land."

ANTICIPATION ~ this blessing for the future, "We're going to have a great picnic; I bless your increased income

HEALTH ~ Bless healthy people, animals and even plants; everything that is well constructed; everything that expresses abundant energy.

Bless all that is good in people and all things; all the signs of happiness that you see, hear or feel.

PROSPERITY ~ Bless all the signs of prosperity in your environment, including everything that money helped to make or do; all the money you have in any form; all the money that circulates in the world.

Bless all signs of achievement and completion (such as buildings, bridges and events); all arrivals at destinations; all signs of forward movement or persistence; all signs of enjoyment and fun. Bless all changes.

CONFIDENCE ~ Bless all signs of healthy confidence in people and animals; all signs of strength in people, animals, and objects; all signs of stability (like mountains and tall trees); all signs of purposeful power, including power lines, big machines and rivers.

LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP ~ Bless all signs of caring and nurturing, compassion and support; all harmonious relationships in nature and architecture; all signs of cooperation, as in work, games or brainstorming; all signs of laughter, fun and play.

Bless all signs of quietness, calmness, tranquility and serenity (like quiet water or still air); all distant views (horizons, stars, sun and moon); all signs of beauty in sight, sound or touch

Bless all signs of growth, development and change in nature; the movement of sun, moon, planets stars; the flight of birds and the movement of wind, trees and the ocean.





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