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MAY 2015

Issue 195

Over 25 years in publication and global distribution

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Created, Channeled, Written, Published and Copyrighted with Love by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


This newsletter is Spirit Driven and  has been in circulation since 1986.

It reaches a core group of millions of dedicated Planetary LightWorkers.

One to one, light to Light, it births itself into completion from that point forward


This newsletter is lovingly crafted by Spirit

any imperfections in spelling and grammar only enhance its beauty and uniqueness.


Quantum Newsletters are lovingly translated into ‘Spanish’ by Suzy Peralta  from Argentina

thank you dear lady of Light



From your Hostess of Light






Gathering of She: the Sea She 2015



From your Hostess of Light

All of the Earth shakes and rattles and explodes as inner earth and her hot temper comes to the surface for all to see. The earthquakes and death tolls rise as the old tumbles and the new comes to the surface in a horrific way. The quakes in Nepal (which are still happening everyday) during the time of Wesak and the shamballa valley were a slap in the face. They took what was holy and ancient and sacred and shook the very foundation it lived upon. This is a sacred month with many elements lined up to give us all an opportunity to be kinder and more holy in all of our interactions.

The land is speaking to all of us and like a mother giving us one last chance to straighten up our rooms. We can do that by bringing the holiness back to the place we reside. No matter what part of the world you live, what kind of house from beach house to palace to cave (which sounds good some days J ) that your stuff resides, it is a holy expression of who you are inside and out, the collective of you. The land and house I live in has been very demanding about making it more holy. I have created a goddess garden out back and working on a garden of the gods out front. The house has demanded it be kept ready and clear of debris. Making room for more light, or a few visiting Angels or Aliens?

The weather has more of a consciousness as it looks like an invasion from the heavens with the numerous ominous weather sequences we have all experienced in the last 6 months. Storms that should move do not and stand still for 2 weeks over the same patch of beach. Weather goes in reverse patterns like salmon swimming up stream. Nothing is predicable. Like weather on a strange planet never seen, earth shows more of her truth colors as she fights for control. Too many lines of human communication wrap themselves around her like a tight cocoon choking her squeezing her into making strong choices.  

For many years I have sent the storms (in whatever form) just pure undiluted love in order to shift them. I knew the storms represented human emotions that needed a place to land. So like a caring parent I sent them love, no matter how they acted up and acted out. For years that worked like magic and all natural storms would settle like a sleepy kindergartner at naptime.

As of this winter the storms shifted and became meaner. They did not want any dang love, they were more like pushy Viking energies that didn’t want or need a thing, and if they did they would just take it. So how does one calm a storm that is not made of emotions and seems not to care? Well first off ask the storm what it wants. I am finding the elements are becoming a little more animated and need a little more appeasing. Listen and then do the best you can. One day the weatherman said softball size hail. We have gone thru bad hailstorms and they are very damaging and time consuming no matter how good the insurance. So, I asked the storm what it wanted, it wanted appreciation, to be acknowledged as do we all. I set up a grid of appreciation outside, with some natural stones, crystals flowers etc, the storm dissipated and was just a small gentle rain by the time it got here. 

This month as the planets line up to be seen by the naked eye and mercury goes retro on May 18, we are all asked to look at what it is we really seek. Not just a moments pleasure but a lasting  energy that will nurture us as well. When the trickster mercury goes bass-ackwards in its home sign of Gemini you can be assured that we will go thru numerous past life and/ present life memories. You will be shopping at ‘Déjà vu’s R US’  for the next few weeks as sweet and not so sweet energies surface to be seen and then placed back in bed. This is already starting to happen. Sweet reminders come to show you the past treasures of your life. What once lived large in your heart.

As these energies push and pull us in every direction we are reformatted into a higher awareness. All of this cosmic re-sculpting has had a lot of wear and tear on the human body, mind and spirit. We are all looking a little like the scarecrow on a breezy ‘Oz ' day, scattered about, here and there. Like a 1000 piece puzzle we seek to see a picture of the real us, but  alas the puzzle box has no portrait to help us find our lost pieces. We seek that which calls our name.

The command is 'change or get caught up in the whirlwind of cosmic shift. Humanity is no longer driving the car thru the holy configurations. We all stand on the edge of the future, scraping the past from ourselves like barnacles on an oyster seeking its pearl

Wesak is the celebration of Buddha's birth/ enlightenment /& death. According to ancient beliefs, the Buddha was born, attained enlightenment, and left Earthly incarnation under the Full Moon of Taurus. The Buddha returns at this time each year to bring a new light to the world. Spiritual leaders both human and hierarchy gather in Wesak Valley, high in the Himalayas.

Wesak is the time in which the Christ gathers the entire Spiritual Hierarchy together in meditation to invoke the healing forces of SHAMBALLA. The Buddha, representing those forces, appears and blesses humanity. The Buddha is the expression of the Wisdom of God, the embodiment of light and the indicator of divine purpose. The Christ represents God unending Love for humanity with his unique gifts. The wesak is like a sacred pitcher pouring out a healing elixir.

Losing the past and disconnecting from the Now offers opportunities that could not exist otherwise. The new age, the old age, all age becomes unnecessary as humanity makes a U-turn into a place of reconnection.  The communication lines between humans are fragile and strained like a butterflies wings. Seeing oneself mirrored in others has become painful. most now avert their eyes not wanting to see what is right in front of them.  The oneness seems miniscule as humanity huffs and puffs and blows the illusion down.

Time, stars and climate rewrite themselves in harmony with  new laws on this new playing field of light. Each door you open will take you down another highway of self into a multidimensional portal.  Fractured parts of human evolution now seek to be united called into oneness. This will keep everyone  busy scooping up missing parts of self.  Each person is escorted into all faces of their Eve and Adam/atom. Original blueprint is laced with future possibilities.   To become your true presence you must walk in the stars.  Realities are challenged doing hand to hand combat. Time rushes by without even a wave, as the tornado of dimensional change has us riding our bikes against the wind.

Time cannot be forced into pigeonholes or straight lines. Time has grown wings and takes flight.  The sextants of humanity demand that time fly in a direction that makes sense.  All sensors of Earth - smell, taste, touch, feel - are changing denominations.  What you know to be truth is challenged non-stop. Is it time to change truths as we shift into another level of the new universe. The body has received so many mixed signals, so many conflicting truths it is in overload.  All of humanity is in energy overkill.  All circuitries are stressed and burdened.

Earth is at an intersection of time.  As you stand at the edge of who you once knew yourselves to be and the Event Horizon of what the universe is asking you to do, you can freeze and become muddled in thought and deed.  New encodings allow for a defragging process to be initiated, eliminating what no longer serves ones highest good.

The ultimate choice is to jump into the future without fear. Knowing that within all darkness, light is held captive. To come to the ledge and fly without fear, venturing where angels fear to tread. There is no growth in a safe space. Seek what inspires you.    

The energies meet themselves in a photo finish as perfect timing shows its true colors. Everything is veiled as the planets shift and move in opposite direction.  The curtains unfold to show the new backdrop.  All emotional flailing about weakens the immune system in a world that is already on the critical edge.  This summer the planets will align in a form that creates a sacred geometry of trust. If one does not trust the leaders of the world then one must at least trust the Creator of said world. Bantering with the future is of little use. What is yet 'to' be seen, is still embryonic of nature




Children of Illumination, let your spirits soar upon the wind that whispers through your hearts.  Let your spirits soar upon the song of a bird, the twinkle of a star, the babble of a creek.  Let your spirits ride upon the tail of a rainbow. I Am White Buffalo Calf Woman.  I Am she that weaves and heals the holes in your heart. Like a spider I Weave Light catching the morning dew of hope. 

Ascension is not available until you have embraced all of earth – her dilemmas, her heartaches; her pains. For you come to clear and love the flesh of your flesh that comes from the body of Mother Earth.  By not loving your humanness, by not loving your earthiness, by not loving the cells, and the organs, and the hairs, and the wrinkles upon your body – you are not loving your Mother Earth.  You can heal her only by loving YOU. 

Stop on a daily basis and love every inch of the human body that you wear over your light. You are asked to enter into this next doorway of Light by loving every ache, every pain, every bone, every hair every iota of you inside and out.  It is easy to love the whales, the trees and the rainbows, but not so easy to love your humanness.  Do you love who you are this minute?  Every intersection of life is etched in the memories of your flesh. 

Every choice you ever made – no matter how you view it now – was a divine choice. Every experience that you germinated, cultivated and then harvested was a creation manifested and birthed by the Divinity within you.  Every individual on Earth is having a different experience. Do not judge their experiences, nor criticize them, nor analyze them, nor rebuke them -- for their experiences are perfectly divine, as they have created them. 

The upcoming energies ask you to come into balance within yourself and not to worry if thy neighbor is in balance, or thy husband is in balance or thy boss is in balance. Balance begins and ends with you. It is not your concern what another is doing, as their learning experience.  Do not busy yourself with the details of changing others.  busy yourself with honoring your choices, your energies, your frequencies, and your challenges. 

Each of you has come to a boxed canyon. You seem to be at the end of your rope and choices. Understand dear ones, you are being asked to move mountains, to change the molecular structure of what blocks your way, to walk through what keeps you less than, separating the seas of your life.  Walk in empowerment knowing that you can shift what you commanded into existence. 

For every item in your life, in your closet, on your floor, and on your body – you commanded into existence.  You created it into the physical world.  I Buffalo Calf Woman ask you to love all of your creations --for God does not rebuke even one of his creations – he loves all of them, no matter how much the creation does not love itself.  You are asked to take the posture of Creator and love what you have brought forth into your life. 

You all stand at the Doorway of The Sun. You will experience an eclipse of the sun.  This does not mean that blackness will enter your heart, but that you will go within to the portal of the heart and enter into all that you have brought forth to learn from.  On the other side of all black holes are stars that are being born, birth that star within you. 

Walk into the sun. The sun is a doorway of pure light.  It is a pinhole in the cosmos, and the trueness of God shines through it.  Walk into the sun within yourself. Embrace who you are.  Stand tall in your light.  I am White Buffalo Calf Woman.  I leave you in love and blessings



I Am The Light of Quan Yin

I am the light of Quan Yin. I come on this day to escort you into your blessedness, for you are blessings to me. You are blessings to me because you continue to pray as I pray against all odds.

You are my blessings and I come on this day to help you remember the sacred contract that you have made with your body, with your mind, and with your spirit. For the trinity of you is so very Holy. You hold within you an earthen trinity. You house the universe and all of its octaves in your physical body. This past WESAK gave to you doorways of entrance into the Void. Look through the two ‘O’s" in the word "moon" and see them as glasses. Place them on yourself right now and you can see through dimensions. You can see into your future. You can see into the past. You can see into another’s heart, and you can see into another’s body. Look through these glasses that give to you the 'god lens of your soul'. The concave and the convex of the soul patterning that you inherently house within you.

Look at your body as a 'great universe'. You can look into that universe and can see all that it consists of and what it houses or you can your view outwards into the heavenly realm that lives around your private universe. It is up to you. These 'god-lenses of the soul' will give to you perceptions, abilities, and clarity of seeing. You have begged and asked to see what truth is, to see true love, to see what is to come for you, to see your past so that you can heal it, to see into your body to see the blockages so that you can dissolve them.

In the time of WESAK when the Buddha and the Christ came together they blend as Soul Mates and merge becoming One. The Buddha now holds the vibrations of the Christ and the Christ, holds the vibrations of the Buddha.

As you merge with them vibrationally you will blend like water that has been in a jar too long and seeks the ocean as a lonely lover that has been apart too many days. You are seeking, you are embracing, you are becoming the fluidness of your future as you allow yourself to be poured into new formats, and new geometry's. You will stretch yourself beyond what you know yourself to be.

This is a time for all of humanity to dispense with the contractions, to dispense with the fear, to dispense with the anger.  Even though most people would like to hate and blame others the hate is turned inward. They spew it and spit their angry words but like a snake, the venom is held inside. Snakes are very wise beings. They have figured out how to hold toxins and not to become toxic, but humans are not snakes.

Therefore, the Buddha and the Christ come to you and ask you to dispense with all that is toxic or negative, release it, let it go, say "take it from my body, take it from my words, take it from my heart." These dispensations come to you as cleansing bubbles that land upon you and gather what has hardened, and is cancerous, and toxic. Lightness will be assured and insured as you walk through the rest of the cleansing summer with a supreme knowing that you are ready to move forward.

Dispense with what keeps you less than. Dispense with what keeps you from loving another. Dispense with what keeps another from loving you. Stop using the excuses of your past to keep yourself immobilized in the present. I am Quan Yin and you are my blessings.


White Buffalo Calf Woman Part 2

I am the face in the Mirror

I am she who breathes with you as you breathe in the hope of a new day.  I am she who gently closes your eyes at the end of a stress-filled day. I am the face in the Mirror and I am the face in the reflection of the hummingbird’s wings.  Look for my face in all life for it is there that I dwell. I am White Buffalo Calf Woman. I come to you as you sit in strength, in power, seeking serenity.

For so long you have kept true being captive.  You have kept her silent, and you have kept her in a state of weeping.  For so long, you have kept your true being in a dungeon in the very bottom  of your heart– afraid to let it out. I ask you to stand fully in your divinity.  You are all such beautiful beings – all different shapes and sizes, colors and personalities.  Throw yourself into the pool of creation and blend with the Mother.  Blend with all the faces of God that shine so brightly.  Blend with the cycles of the moon, of the earth and of your body. Blend with every part of you that you are ashamed of, all your secrets. Enjoy the fullness of your body– for God loves every ounce of flesh that you are.  Do not be ashamed if you are too little, too large or just right. God lives in every ounce of you. 

Mother Earth for too long has allowed her children to direct her, to cajole her into thinking that all was okay. She will empower herself with what needs to be done, what needs to be healed.  She will do this gently and with love. Be thankful that she is gentle and loving—for the earth would shatter and break apart – if she was otherwise.  Let down the hair of your soul and show the true being that you are.  Stand on a cliff over the pounding shores, remembering those times when you went to the mountaintops, and called the wind, when you sang to the water, and whispered to the elements.

I come to applaud the boldness of your spirit.  Do not let life whip you into submission.  Do not let your very own creations make you barren of passion.  If what you have created does not honor you- let it go.  Resurrect what was once without fear.  I am White Buffalo Calf Woman.



‘Whirling Rainbow Woman’ Crystals

The vibration of 'Whirling Rainbow Women' has been wrapping around me for several months now. Showing her true colors as she teaches me how to shift the earthly hologram of confusion and disappointment. Her presence goes beyond what was spoken of in prophecy for she has come full circle in her colors.  Those that were born during the time of her awakening in the 60’s now come full circle in their time cycle, Still holding deep truths, hoping for peace and a brighter future even when that brighter future comes as unexpected heavenly events. 

These powerful and beautiful crystals come to teach us about our full rainbow reflection. The Rainbows in these crystals are created by their internal cracks and flaws. Rainbows live and thrive within imperfections. Within the reflections lives ‘Whirling Rainbow’ Woman and her timeless teachings. She comes to remind you of unclaimed dreams and hopes that were once tossed out the window. She comes to give the gift of reflections. For as the initiate you must walk down the hall of mirrors and embraced all your rainbows and dark clouds.

These stones hold a living Light. They are crystalline navigational markers. They allow time passages to be seen, teaching us about our DNA linkage to other universes and time domains and universal truths. These ‘Whirling Rainbow woman’ crystals have the remarkable ability to split light, changing light’s direction, and speed. Thus allowing Time and Light to enter a different reality.

Each of these beautiful crystals has a special ‘rainbow message’. The Rainbow is a ‘divine promise’ that tells us we are loved and not forgotten. When light is shone upon this crystal it spreads in a 1000 directions like a lotus blossom.

When the Rainbow of Peace encircles each person's sacred space, all will walk in truth respecting the Sacred Space of others and harmony of living on Earth will be restored.

Teachings of Whirling Rainbow Woman

Learning Truth

Honoring Truth

Accepting Truth

Observing Truth

Hearing Truth

Presenting Truth

Loving Truth

Serving Truth

Living Truth

Working Truth

Walking Truth

Grateful for Truth

To the Navajo and the Hopi, Whirling Rainbow Woman is the bringer of friendly rains she comes from all Four Directions and curves to cover all points. The Whirling Rainbow is the promise of peace among all people. The Rainbow Race stresses divine equality. The Rainbow Race brings peace through the understanding that all races are one. The unity of all colors, all creeds working together for the good of the whole, is the Whirling Rainbow. The Sun Dog (whirling rainbow) is a clear message from Creator to let us know the prophetic changes are drawing near.

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Gillian MacBeth-Louthan & The Quantum Awakening Present


The 9th Annual


‘The Sea She’

OCTOBER 16,17,18,  2015

Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina

The Winds Resort

The Gathering of She is a Spiritual Retreat for Goddesses, no cooking no cleaning, no worry, just a time of receiving for the Divine SHE within!  This year the Universe has asked us to take the SHE EVENT to the beach and anchor the Sacred Light of the SEA SHE literally on the seashores.

Our venue is changing & growing to fit all the energy shifts to come.

Ocean Isle Beach North Carolina is one of North Carolina’s unique barrier islands. Miles and miles of powder white sand, sun-danced waves,  and windswept marshlands make it one of the loveliest places on earth. A sanctuary to escape the real world,  as if time itself has stood still. This unique resort sits on sacred land, a small 7 mile long Island with its own bridge.

Come join us as we embrace the ‘Sea She’

I have recently come back from the SEA SHE Beach setting up another physical layer of light on the land and aligning with the SEA SHE event to come. I gifted all the employees of the resort that I interacted with, crystals and sacred stones to help them come into alignment with the higher energies coming.

It would have been fabulous if I had actually got some r & r but alas the universe had other plans. The weather was very cold stormy, moody and powerful (of course I only brought sundresses) as a dragon shaped storm stayed off the coast of NC not moving for days and days. I guess the universe got tired of all the whining as the storm let up long enough to allow the crystal grid and star geometries to be laid on the beach.

the grid was laid Just in time for the black helicopters to stroll by 50 yds from the resort, 50 feet off the ground. So I asked the employees and they said ‘ oh yes, black helicopters and UFO’s, but we think they are drones going in and out of the ocean”. Hells bells people pay attention.

When we are at the SEA SHE we will spend a lot of time on the beach doing prayer and ceremony during the day and night. We will have glow sticks and glow accessories. Now can you see the black helicopters flying over the Gathering of Goddesses that glow in the dark… gotta love it…


Go to  Ask for Goddess  Darlene remind her about  our group discount

We will be staying in the East Winds part of the resort/ Ocean front

If you’re coming to the Beach stay on the Beach, treat yourself good for a change.

The memories are priceless.

Go to   Ask about discount. 







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