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GATHERING OF SHE 2014 October 17-19 2014 Smokey Mts. TN.




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This newsletter is Spirit Driven and  has been in circulation since 1986.

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***Worm Holes of Thought


***CHRIST CHAMBER Phantom Crystals

***DENVER GEM SHOW September 2014

***Gathering of She October 17-19, 2014 Smokey Mts. TN

***Cosmic Classified



This time of year with all of its wonderful power days is my favorite. Not only because I am a Leo but because I truly see the continual and constant worth of these energy alignments. We are all part of the sacred path and sacred days. As of late two powerful energies have made themselves known many many times a day. White buffalo calf woman and cougarwoman, both sacred and holy feminine energies in their own right. Each asks you to step beyond fear into the unknown and magical aspects of your self. We each seek entrance into the next level of our being, the energies of August 2014 will lead you to another level of personal and planetary initiation. Time to beef up our light put on our big girl panties and step up the plate.

On August 8, (8:8) Solar power will shift into material form to be seen and felt creating an accessible time portal within self.  Uniting the two hemispheres of the brain initiating a total-recall sort of experience. This fusion births a level of light that even the blind can distinguish.  So powerful is this ‘solar vibration’ we will have but one choice as it enters our energy field. The choice is to just let go and allow it to pass through like a solar wind, not holding on to any part of it. Like a cool breeze on a hot day just allow the solar emanations to encircle and embrace you without trying to corral them and make them obey.  Just this minute action will shift the future into a place that can been seen and felt in a higher heart.

The 8:8 energy alignment is symbolic of the human DNA kept separate and secret with resolve.  8:8 represents the timeless relationship that humanity has with earth. As the very stars broadcast to all that will listen as a time passage is opened, revealing higher aspects of the human cognitive ability. mental capacities, IQ and the ability to remember (near and far past and future) will be increased.

The numerical evolutionary vibrations of this 8:8 are powerful and self-fulfilling. They actualize the need to attain and reach for something more not settling. Reaching for what seems far in a future that can only be seen through a pinhole laced with purple-haze.  A new channel is sought and found. Unexpected potentials are reached in those we once gave up upon. The unforeseen is birthed and  encrypted will be the norm. The August energies allow you the opportunity to align with all that was before Creation took this form. The alpha, the omega, and every molecule in-between invite you to partake of their truths. You are finally able to enter the free flowing experience of all possibility; like newly fallen snow with no footprints on it, you will walk upon a clean slate that seeks your approval.

Learning to truly see, to create, to make real by looking through the quantum portal deep into the proverbial rabbit hole takes its toll on your sleeping and your imagination. It is time to change the description of what once was thought to be limitation. A call to duty is announced to all that are willing to expand. You have finally come to the apex of realization.  Your thoughts are the source of your power!. Any and all limitations can be a source of power. Any shadows you battle can be a source of power.  All has the ability to be transformed from lead into gold. What stretches you comes to gift you.

Favorable energies come to call at your door. Those who have never looked in your direction bring a cornucopia of unexpected support. This past year you were asked to climb Above fear, above emotions fording deep emotional waters and past life debris. You watched your world change its landscape right in front of your eyes happening in moments not decades. You felt helpless to change the outcome of what appeared to be destined. You were stretched and pulled about like salt-water taffy.

You have changed forever never to return to who you once were. You sit perched on a new branch of heart awaiting a signal of when it is safe to take wing, neither sign, nor signal comes, You must rely only upon your own intuition to move forward. As this singularity you sit in a place of great power and sacredness; all that you do or do not do is created by you and you alone.

The Blessedness of this year travels to every shore that will welcome it. By seeing the existing blessings in your transformative lives you will create a connection for this wave of blessedness to adhere to. The more thoughts you have of blessing what is in your life right now the more energy is generated, and the easier the new connection will be made. Thoughts of thankfulness and gratitude beckon this wave of blessedness; thoughts of negativity repel it.

The fruits of all past labors of life and love can be now tasted and supped upon. What was once thought to be lost is found within ones very own life. Energy spent in helping others was placed into a universal account that has accrued to mighty proportions. Nothing was every lost or wasted or tossed away in thoughts and actions of goodness and kindness. All actions of inherent good have been counted and accounted for by the universal abacus. All time spent in prayer and kind thoughts for others has been exponentially expanded and multiplied beyond earth's ability to count. A great amount of heavenly rewards finds itself on the road to the masses.

This year offers a pathway of internal illumination and a glimpse into true spiritual fulfillment. It offers a place and time of reconnecting to the Great Light.  One is finally escorted into a placement of personal power. Every thought counts dramatically, creating or destroying in its wake. Mastership demands 100% of your attention 24/7. This august unties the 'time slip-knot' creating an open road to travel upon beckoning one to quest in a new direction. Fractals restructure themselves into different patterns of thought as the light within the unexpected and unexplained is turned up so high that even the 3 blind mice can see. You are leaving the energy of what has so distracted you and moving into a place of sharp focus. Chose to see all or nothing, do not turn a blind 3rd eye to any possibility. August 8, is a place were the polarities meet and heaven and earth sip from each other's glass. It is a celebration beyond time that escorts you home through the Sphinx Lions Gate to the Stars you shine for while on earth. is composed of matter and antimatter. It  is an unprecedented event that takes place every year as this sacred portal opens. The very ends of your DNA will open their little hearts as their filament endings are unwrapped to expose what has been hidden. What comes to be has not unwrapped its protective coverings as of yet, but be assured it is worth its wait in gold.

August 2014 is all about change, change is echoing in the chambers of our souls.  Following the direction of the heart takes a tough dedicated spiritually strong person. Choices of the heart are never easy. This year has been a time of metamorphosis. (The hard way the easy way and every which way.)  We have been stripped down to our barely human essentials.  Standing in front of the Light, we bare our souls.

Feeling so ready to shift, wanting to experience the shift in one quantum leap instead of one hundred baby steps. We have all intentions of moving forward quickly, silently, lovingly and happily.  As we ready ourselves for change we expect all of our cosmic duckies to be in a row. Lined up and bobbing to our personal wavelength.  We look to our world to reflect our creation but nothing seems to be reflected in it that mirrors the image in our mind.  We then begin to question our abilities, our intentions, our prayers and our worthiness,

We have entered a newer, bigger doorway of Creational learning. No longer are we mild mannered humans praying, asking, or cajoling an almighty God to give to us as helpless beings. We have achieved Creational Maturity and are now responsible for all props as we dance around this stage of life. In this raised understanding of creation we are asked to be mature in our manifestations.  To create concisely not haphazardly.  Not to curse our creations when they do not appear on the date and time we expect them to arrive.  For our curses send them immediately back through time and space into the ethers, to sit in the un-creational waiting room. 

You are the Creator of your own circumstances. What you have created you can change.  When we react to sudden chaos/or negative changes in our life we delay the purpose of creation.  If we accept chaos as an opportunity for spiritual elevation, negativity will disappear.  We alone determine the amount of time in which turmoil passes.  It is time to stop poisoning our future with our doubt.

In this new level of Creatorship we cannot doubt any of our intentions no matter how slight.  We need to ready our selves for the lessons in all situations, if your intention is to manifest a certain set of life experiences and you do not see the blueprint in your world, then understand the manifestation is large of molecule and must pass through several layers of light in order to be brought forth in concentrated form. The summer sun will force us all into the shade of our new thinking, looking at how we have created and uncreated since the beginning of time. We truly are experts at this game of creation and it is time to remember that in our every thought.



One of the many gifts of this year is the ability to glimpse into the possibility of what is to come.  The true pure essence of want and desire is as powerful as a star being birthed.  The energetic degree that you want (or desire) something is aligned mathematically and exponentially with your power to manifest it.

Each thought you have has its own consciousness. It is as consciousness within consciousness. Within each thought lives an electromagnetic field of possibilities. These possibilities are magnetically drawn to other energies of like vibration. When enough energies form a linkage of likeness they then birth the object of your  intention into physical form.  Every thought has a vibrational pulse that magnetizes other like thoughts. As they respond to the energetic clarion call they begin to pulse and then connect with the image of inherent within each of them and create what they have agreed upon.

In other words all thoughts no matter what they are have the potential to manifest. Belief creates a vibrational wormhole seducing the thought into form. It has been proven that DNA has its own language very similar to the language of humans. Human language is believed to be based upon our inner DNA language. Every cell in your body listens to every word you speak and think and then creates from that dialogue. Nothing is dismissed by your DNA as a casual thought or a just kidding statement. Everything is taken to heart and then on its way into form.

Your DNA believes you are commander-n-chief, it sees you as a god in training and per the universal fathers instructions obeys your every word and whim. 'I am only kidding clauses' do not live within the intelligence of the DNA structure for it responds to all thoughts and words.

As we learn to communicate with our inner universe on the way to creating our promised personal heaven on earth, it is important to take time to slow down and park in your heart. As we enter the internal temple our dialogue with our DNA is heard loud and clear with no outside buzz.  As we move deeper into communication with our cellular consciousness we find infinite pathways of creation available to us.

We stand within our temple looking at many golden columns of possibility. We ponder the outcomes. To our DNA and cellular cousins everything and anything is possible. The self censors our deepest desires creating a puddle to splash in instead of an ocean to swim in. Who are we to stand in our own way and sabotage what the universe has deemed us to do?

When we are in a refined state of DNA communication we can travel to the past... the future.... and beyond, through wormholes of thought. They are opened within the DNA spiral when one is in a relaxed meditative state of being.  We have the ability to transcend time and space. In this place that is connected to all time and space we can see what is to come in order to heal the past and connect with our deepest ancient truths in the now.

When we go within anything is possible. It is up to us to hold that precious pearl of possibility and not drop it on the beach of our own confusion. As you visit the vista of all time and internal space hold tight to the treasures you bring back. These are cellular truths you bring back. You are caretakers of what could be.... What was...? And what will be. Honor them as your most precious treasures. They are worlds that are waiting to be birthed.




As the sun sends forth her rays of clarity a personal and planetary sonic boom is heard throughout the land.  Explosions of the old are nuclear (new clear) as they are cast off like dust in a dirt devil.  Truth unfolds itself to be seen in the long and short of it.  Narrating an internal bedtime story that can only be learned by heart.  Sleep beckons but the energy shouts so loud and is so demanding that sleep is short and not so sweet. As the vibrations of the 8:8 Stargate come forth into materialization the human body bucks at the thought of housing more light, downloading more encodings, or receiving any more truths. If the truth be known the energies of the 8:8 Stargate are being birthed to smooth out the static cling of the personality.  The tiredness comes to slow down the ancient angers that stir in the emotional layer of humanity.

The gravitational pull has increased not lessened as earth begins a new evolutionary spin.  Centrifugal force fails as all that was within the spinning bucket falls changing scientific truths to a point beyond confusion. The sun behind the sun (at the center of our galactic nucleus) is seen with a new eye. As the invisible light from the superior sun is felt and not seen our humanness explodes with untapped potential.  Pathways of cortical transmissions (from the core projections) intersect with all of earth, challenging even those of devout faith.  The invisible light from the sun behind the sun at galactic center spreads itself over our lives like softened galactic butter soaking into every pore and membrane of our person.

What was once hidden is seen, what was once seen is changed.  The eyes of the soul see with a new clarity redefining what was once considered dark.  The overlapping of the two suns creates a portal (vesica pisces) for all to enter or exit depending upon choice.  Liposuction of the soul moves what had been weighty and dense into a placement of understandability. Deleting the need for repercussions or judgments.  What is, just is, until you shift it.  The 8:8 Stargate assists us in this knowing and portal preparation.




Phantom Crystals

In the Great Pyramid there is a blessed longitude and latitude, a Holy position of energy called the ‘Christ Angle’. The Christ angle is formed  the intersection of the first ascending passage and the Queen’s chamber. The continuation of this angle points eastward to the town of Bethlehem and the vibration of Mary and the Christ Child. It is at this angle that the Christ light is birthed within the Great Pyramid. This sacred place is called the Christ Chamber. The heart of the pyramid beats with a very long memory. These crystals are ‘living sacred places’. they ask you to enter the Pyramid as the Light Being you truly are.

Within the center of these beautiful phantoms live portals of Ancient Wisdom and Truth. Doorways of the past and future beckoning one to enter and see through the Eye of God. The pyramid power within each Christ Chamber Phantom is powerful and precise. It invites one to enter and sit within the Kings chamber of self to receive teachings of time immortal. These crystals realize that you are a necessary part of the evolutionary equation and honor you as such.  You are the spiritual remedy that the world seeks. You hold the possibility of a great hope for all who cannot see.

As your Light presence looks deep into the pyramid within the crystal, see your self-standing at the entrance to the Great Pyramid of Giza looking out upon the desert sands of Egypt.  As you turn to enter the Great Pyramid breathe deeply of the energy as it wraps itself around you seducing you into a fluid state of being.  Allowing you to give and receive freely without the manacles of human expectation.   Feel the power of the subterranean chambers below your feet as they whisper of initiations that went beyond the stars. Now begin to move your awareness upward as you locate the grand staircase that leads to the Center of the Great Pyramid and the Queens Chamber. Feel your energy being drawn up that staircase. Pause for a moment and breathe deeply into all that has come and gone before you.

The teachings of the ancients ring in your cells as you begin to remember your true abilities.  The sands of time shift in your awakening and a new hope is birthed.  Within the Great Pyramid there is a Christ Angle that is formed by the intersection of the first ascending passage and the Queen’s chamber. The continuation of this angle eastward points to the town of Bethlehem. It is at this angle that the Christ Chamber is birthed within the Great Pyramid at a dimensional instability that is beyond our ability to discern with the eye.

Visualize yourself in a hidden room in-between the kings and queens chambers, a room not of this earth, a place known as the CHRIST CHAMBER. This place is holy and deep of memory as the very vibrations of the Christ radiate from it. This is a place that held his energy as he moved upward in activation and remembrance, coming fully into his power. Allow yourself entrance into this ancient vibratory pattern.  Ask for your Christ DNA to be fully activated giving you the wisdom and courage to move forward as an emissary of Light.

The phantoms within these crystals have experienced numerous lifetimes, of learning, and "being", while continuing in the same crystalline configuration. The structure within the crystal has triangular and pyramidal formations that emanate energies that move one into a higher light. The phantom within allows the earth to recall how it was prior to any destruction; allowing for smooth earth changes during the healing process. It is an excellent tool for meditation and to connect with the higher realms of knowledge. It can also be used to access the Akashic records of future and past-lives. These Phantom Crystals allow one to see past/future lives in a state of ascension, rather than in a state of reality. The phantom crystal can also be used to meet your guardians of light. Enter the crystal via "gazing", holding the crystal to the area of the third eye then with your thoughts walk through the phantom.

How to use your crystal: Sit quietly, initiate circular breathing, relax, and attune to the crystal. Gaze deep within the phantom portion of the crystal, Close your eyes and allow the image you are seeing within to travel to the inner mind. Allow your inner mind to travel backwards in time. Cosmic dust covers the phantoms point at different stages in its development. It's like seeing time which has been stopped and photographed. Each phantom records the exact time in history when it was formed: you may well be looking at captive energy that is 200 million or more years old. Phantoms are the keys to Time.  The miniature pyramids within the walls of the crystal give this beautiful crystal ‘pyramid power’. By tapping into that pyramid power and exploring the vast wisdom that the crystal holds, one will understand the past in relationship to the future. The phantom is a great reservoir of untapped energy.

Your Crystal comes with a small package of sand that I brought back from a trip to Egypt many moons ago. It is a blend of sand from in front of the Sphinx and sand from the Giza Plateau. These crystals will increase in power if placed in this sacred sand.



St Germaine ‘Violet Flame’

Chevron Amethyst

These beautiful and powerful Chevron Amethyst come to Heal. They hold the powerful presence of the Violet flame & White Light. The violet flame is one of the greatest spiritual tools on the planet. It is an aspect of God's light known as the flame of forgiveness it is an amazing process for the transmutation of negative energies. The Violet Flame is Spiritual Alchemy in action. Its purpose is to transmute denser feelings, actions, deeds, karma, etc. into a higher vibrational frequency. The violet flame forgives as it frees, consumes as it transmutes, clears the akashic records of past karma and sets you free into a place of holding a higher light. Every day in every way the violet flame flushes out and renews the cells of your mind, body and spirit. 

The Violet Flame was brought to earth by Ascended Master St Germaine. It is an intelligent fire; it cannot destroy, but only free restoring energy to its original purified blueprint.  On a scientific level, the Violet flame can be directed at a sub-atomic level to the particles of energy that accumulate in the open spaces around the cell nucleus. Accumulated substance inhibits the flow of light around the electrons. This cellular clogging can have all sorts of manifestations in the physical body. Violet flame invocations can transform negative energies instantly. If you are feeling sad, depressed, fearful or angry, the violet flame can help you immediately.  When you call to the violet flame and surrender these unwanted energies the fire instantly begins to breaking down particles of substance that have accumulated over thousands of incarnations.

When you invoke the violet flame, visualize yourself surrounded by a violet-flame pillar extending from beneath your feet to over the top of your head. See the violet flame come to life allowing the flames to rise and pulsate around you. Keep this visualization in mind throughout the day. Every time you think of it, you are reinforcing the Violet flame.

Invocation to the Violet Flame
I AM the Violet Flame, in action in me now
I AM the violet flame, to Light alone I bow
I AM the violet flame in Mighty Cosmic Power
I AM the Light of God shining every hour
I AM the violet flame blazing like the sun.
I AM God's sacred power, freeing everyone.

There are unlimited ways to use the Violet Flame. Bring the Violet Flame into your body. Ask your Higher Self, a Master, Angel to assist you, or just ask the Flame to "be made manifest."  visualize that there is a ball of violet fire above your head. Then ask that ball of fire to come into your body and fill every speck of your entire body. Spin the flame in and around your body asking it to come out through your heart chakra and encircle the outside of your body clearing your emotional, mental, spiritual bodies. Ask the Violet Flame to transmute everything you wish to be eliminated from your life.("transmute anything and everything standing in the way of becoming a Christed Being. on all dimensions, on all levels, through all time and space, past, present and future")  (Violet Flame turn all that has been transmuted Into the Golden Light of Christ Send this Golden Light to me now, filling and surrounding my entire body with its Divine Radiance, raising my vibration and frequency to the highest level possible for me at this time.) I keep one of these in my car while traveling as soon as I pick it up I immediately feel a violet bubble of light surround me, without saying a word.

Chevron Amethyst or banded amethyst is a combination of Amethyst and white quartz.  It has all the healing properties of Amethyst and then some. Chevron Amethyst is one of the best stones to work with for activating the Third-Eye, enhancing both intuition and physical vision on all planes of existence.  You can use Chevron Amethyst to cleanse the aura to promote spiritual healing, and to enhance one's psychic abilities.  it can deepen the meditative state, allowing one's higher guidance to communicate.  Chevron Amethyst to help remove resistance to change, and to dissipate and repel negativity of all kinds.  It creates a strong healing field around the user, speeds up the healing process and strengthens the immune system.



Quantum Crystal Investors



This is the 2nd largest mineral show in the world and a crystal vortex that will build on itself.  This year 10,000’s of people will flock to Denver Colorado to look for minerals, fossils, gems, jewelry, and everything in-between, both retail and wholesale exhibitors.  The Dealers come from all over the world. Almost every country is represented at this massive crystalline event.

My husband and I will drive from the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee to the rocky mts of Denver Colorado. The way it works with Quantum Crystal Investors is you send investment money ($200 minimum) and when I go to the show I look for what you have asked me to find or just allow Spirit to pick out the best value of crystals/stones for your money.

Each Investor will receive low prices for all investments. When I have enough cash to buy bulk, the crystal vendors/dealers lower the overall price and everyone benefits.  Of course, there is a shipping charge to mail your items. If your investment $$ does not cover shipping then I will let you know.  If for some reason I do not find what you want then I give you back your money.. 

If you are interested let me know we will be leaving first week in September.  I will need all investments  by the end of August. As soon as I get your investment money I will send email for you to fill out about your needs and wants per crystals. I will carry that info with me.

If you own a store or healing center and sell stones this is a great opportunity. For many years before I started going to the big shows I sent money with Brazilian buyers and they always did me right.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
PO Box 217
Dandridge, Tennessee  37725





Ad's are inexpensive ($25 PER MONTH) for newsletter and web page a great way to reach 10,000's of Real Light*Workers and support the Quantum Awakening website. 



The 8th Annual


‘The Ancient She’

3 days of Entering the Temple of She


October 17,18,19 2014



Event Held at

‘The Bluff View Conference Center’

Hidden Mountain Resort, Sevierville TN


$166 PRE-PAY before October 7, 2014

$188 after and day of event


The Gathering of She is a Spiritual Retreat for Goddesses,

no cooking no cleaning, no worry,

Just a time of receiving for the Divine SHE within!


Cost includes Concert Friday night, all Speakers BOTH DAYS, Gift Bag,

Continental breakfast, Lunch, Desserts & Beverages both days 

& Goddess Party Saturday Night

Powerful Speakers, Attunements, Clearing, downloading all weekend

This years Gathering of She is nestled in the mountains of east Tennessee. This Gathering of She embraces a powerful enduring healing energy that awaits our collective hearts and lights to shift. A quickening calls to us and we feel it in every cell of our body. Every action and non-action counts double. This years SHE Event comes to fill your heart with a soft powerful feminine light that heals and guides.  Each guest speaker houses ciphers of illumination that will stimulate the Divine Feminine DNA within, allowing you access to ancient and future truths as received by the Divine Feminine aspect of the Creator.

Each of you is a living pillar of light, like a nebula, you were born to succeed in ways others can only dream. Each of you represents a multitude of Angels and beings of light that came to earth to help her through approaching transformations.  We as the divine she have a symbiotic relationship with Mother Earth. We feel for her as she feels for us.

The beautiful Smokey Mountains of East Tennessee are the perfect place to heal. The land is ancient and pure, the people are good hearted to the bone.  Autumn in the mountains is inspirational as all the colors blend to give a spiritual and visual healing that goes beyond understanding. Set your Light & Heart and ‘Fun-Compass’ for October 17 thru 19, 2014.  Point your wand of Light in the direction of the Smokey Mountains and Sevierville Tennessee.  Every year Women of Great Light from all over the world, come to experience the Gathering of She. 

Accommodations at Hidden Mountain. Resort are a Separate Cost.

Nice affordable Cabins near Conference Center or lots of motels locally.

Bring a friend and share Cost and the Smokey Mountain Healing energy.


Call 865-365-0503

Ask about group discount 




Intuitive Readings, Therapeutic Gemstone Sessions,

Color Ray Readings,

 Healing Intensive and more.

Everyone has what it takes within to live her/his full potential.
On occasion, a new insight or input can catapult us to another level, creating
inspiration, new found energy, motivation, drive or simply an opening of another
door of awareness.  The sessions and services offered are designed to do just that
- providing a new inner harmony to stimulate an expanded version of yourself.





Tools4transformation’s Therapeutic Gemstone Properties Guide
Includes the gemstone properties of 165 gems
with explanations from the Guardians
We've created a spiral bound guide book with the
Therapeutic Gemstone Properties of 165 gems.

Each entry includes a explanation from the individual Guardian
152 pages 8.5" x 11" (notebook size)
For more info visit…


Tools for energy (vibrational) healing, meditation,
 transformation, self-realization and higher consciousness


(Ascended Masters, Archangels, Elohims, Sprays, Blends, Gemstones, etc.) 


EMF /CELL PHONE PROTECTION  (Stickers, Necklaces and Spheres)


We create our tools through being in direct contact with the Host of the Ascended Masters including higher non-physical beings (angels, etc.) and the Ashram of the Gemstone Guardians.

May love & light...always be your guide




Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
PO box 217
Dandridge, Tennessee