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Created, Channeled, Written, Published and Copyrighted with Love by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

This newsletter is Spirit Driven and  has been in circulation since 1986.


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***2016 and all her gifts

*** The Core Of All Truths Are Non-Denominational, Simultaneous And Multi-Dimensional


***Star Wisdome Conference 2016 May 21-22, Kingsport TN, Smokey Mts

***Cosmic Classified




by Gillian Macbeth-Louthan as seen in Sedona Journal

As the celestial leylines within and without, above and below, re-adjust themselves for incoming landings of illumination, all will feel strewn about and discombobulated by an unexpected mischievous dust devil of interference.  Bumps and grinds during these sky-lined events may shake up the human linear patterns of thinking just long enough for some enlightment to get thru. Like one that is drenched by an unexpected spring shower, there is no way to avoid complete saturation, with or without cosmic umbrella. A deep healing is occurring with or without your permission.

The cells of Earth have their encoded orders and know what to do; they march forward at a steady pace never missing a beat. Each pain within your body is a cry for help, a stuck fear, trauma or memory, literally a pain from the past.  2016 is about ‘promises and completion’, Cosmic and Personal completion. Humanity is asked nicely to enter the next level of love, of heart, of soul and service to the Universe.

99, 999

Cosmic and personal completion! Entering the next level of love, of heart, of soul and service to the planetary evolution through healing self-first. Free falling from the height of the nine into the next level of Light can be faster than the speed of time. Entry and exits all in the same breath. A quantum leap into unknown gifts comes through the nine. Are you ready to be more than you are at this minute of time? Nine is the photo finish on the heavenly column of multiple choices. If you believe you have won, you have


2016 graces us with the timeless and sometimes endless teachings of the vibration of nine, and all that entails. A quantum leap into the string theory leaves one hanging with multiple and multidimensional choices. Does one free fall in the string theory or does one hang on riding the dimensional rift? Either way this feat can only be accomplished through a divine point of healing self.

The vibration of nine is about entry and exit all in the same breath.  Free-falling from the height of the nine into the next point of the unknown equation. Everything is enhanced in 2016 vivid peyote 5-d Technicolor, with many coyotes taking shape in the background. Dimensionally you will glimpse these places of a thin veil, like looking at a desert mirage.  Portal after portal opens to every place not within the imagination.  Hidden agendas are so visible even those not looking notice.

Unknown gifts come in this nine-year enhancing all one yearns to be. Self-doubt will be what sabotages your future choices. Nine is the photo finish on the heavenly pageant of multiple choices. If you believe you have won, you have! Driving thru the milky way of truth and collective wisdom takes a true pilot. Flying only on the fuel of faith he must believes in the magic of it all to keep his hologram afloat. Loosen your assemblage points and keep them loose.

Become fluid in nature allowing more expansion. Rewrite your script into a place with no constraints allowing all realities to merge and show their full potential You are asked to embody and become all that you have prepared to be in the fullness of this time. Be fluid of intent and enter the best adventure of your life.

Incomplete creational thoughts drifting thru dimensional flux are waiting for someone else to sup upon them.  Thoughts always seek their freedom, never answering to one master.  They seek free rein and free range trying to avoid all restraint.  Thoughts transcend time and space allowing them selves to be birthed again and again into new forms. Thoughts can be kept captive like a genii in a bottle but not for long, they always seem to find a way out.





The core of all Truths are non-denominational, simultaneous and multi-dimensional. They are not attached to any one-person place or time. They actively avoid all need for ownership sidestepping permission.  The multidimensional components of all thoughts are always stirring seeking to become more. The influx of solar particles coming to Earth via a hundred different modalities (CME, Solar storms. Meteors, Weather, Auroras etc) will change human DNA like a software program that needs a hardwired upgrade.

As man aligns more and more with the earth elements he will learn how to blend with them to befriend them. In days of old and wizard-hood one was taught to command the elements of earth and make them obey. In this time cycle one is asked to befriend the elements and at that point of friendship they will do for you as a friend would kindly ask.  But know this, ‘all demands’ will be escorted out the back door.     

Each person on earth has a mental projector which fills their holographic bubble of choice with a maze of thoughts fears worries and what ifs.   One may carry an umbrella for their rainy day hologram, one may carry a picnic basket for their sunny day hologram.  Within each choice is a possibility for a diverse outcome as they enter new avenues of thought and creation. As more and more wires are crossed on the planet Earth via electronic and virtual means earth will become more dimensionally flux as the crossed wires of several universes come together. 

Every choice humanity makes leads to a different outcome. Multiple timelines exist as different branches on the same tree housing different versions of ourselves. Meeting oneself in a daily occurrence will not be out of the norm as all parts of our original light and soul fragments come together in a central point, a centro-plex of personalities and multiple lives.

All of these dimensional fissures allow mankind to heal through time and space but also allows one the gift of going back and revisiting, healing, correcting, and  embracing what had come undone thru our own efforts.  How many times have people said ‘if I could only do it over again’ And hence they have actually accessed a planetary  time door to allow them to do such. They each will have the opportunity to go within their heart and see with their human eyes that which needs healing or be pushed to the ground like a lassoed bull. Each time sculpted aspect of yourself as humans will learn from itself as the multiple choices of one's life become animated  to the point of believability.   

The fractured mirror effect does not bring bad luck but bring the opportunity to see one is a multi-faceted gem. The good the bad and the ugly of humaneness sees itself, and makes choices from that point. Every little particle of life is reused recycled and held sacred no matter what form. Every tear every whim every wish is recycled into another octave of the face of God.          

2016 will bring Time storms from an undetermined source.  Time storms are one of the side effects of disrupting the flow of time itself, caused by something altering the time stream. (scientific experiments, extraterrestrials, time travelers etc ) a Time storm appears as light patterns moving erratically in the air, accompanied by lightning and swirling energies. All of earth will directly affecting and causing a shifting of time, as one phases in and out of their current time lines (via wishes, whims, portals, thoughts).

A Time storm is a method of time/space transportation that can be experienced in many forms. In the past it was experienced by the people being taken through time as a swirl of light, took them into unknown time zones to see and be taught usually by a higher aspect of self. When a wormhole travels close enough to a star or planet its time-path may be altered. Objects sent through a wormhole will reach a destination but always in another time period. Time dilation technology has been used to slow down time, to advance the speed of time, or to reverse time in a localized field in order to retrieve what was sent into the time field.

"Time vortals"  which are private portals that allow the higher light aspects of your being to travel upon to consciously connect with extended parts of your self that exist in other times-dimensions. They allow one to be released from the illusion of temporal time and travel to and within all dimensions of reality. you can tune into all aspects of yourself from the past and into the future. You can transmit healing energy to your past releasing any emotional or karmic trauma and baggage that you still have with your past. Finally releasing the ongoing need to drag it back into the now where it does not belong.



The universe is changing, and destiny is on the same train tracks. As one very substantial face of the galaxy moves forward, all else will eventually come along like a 100 car train. The universe has rewritten the script and basically changed its divine plan. (or has it?)  There is a distinct turn about face, as all above and all below can feel the rip tide of time, as the brakes are put on unexpectedly and everything turns to face itself.  All Light stops for a moment of humble silence before it moves again.   The cosmic clock reverses itself gathering momentum as it does. the universe is shifting, sweeping destiny along with it.

This sweeping effect creates ‘time folds’ in numerous forms. There are many aspects to you, as you stretch far into time, thru the stars past the Milky Way into original Creation. Their is but one original copy of your light definition that cannot be duplicated in fullness, however there are many copies of your original light as it decided to expand and propagate thru many spaces of life and time.

As the lines in time are crossed, scarred and broken new pathways of time will open. Like a person who has had a brain injury, the brain finds fresh neuro pathways of healing. The human brain emulates the cosmic highways and byways of transport and information. When one path is closed another will burst free from its bonds, like groundhogs on a crowed prairie, new tunnels are created allowing an outlet for all.

Time folds can also be created thru emotional or physical trauma, either going thru one or coming out of one. People notice you have changed, but keep it to themselves. As more and more energy is unleashed in the form of electronic pulses and virtual crossed wires we all sit in the planetary crosshairs. Mankind will find that the changes come quicker with no in-between time.  

Every time you cross space and time in thought or knowing, in deed or intent, another version of your original self, comes thru the worm hole, so to speak. like Alice in the looking glass on the way to see the Queen. Many faces can be seen as she battles her many fears and different selves. 

Within the void of Time and Space, there are those who move from reality to reality through zero point, where matter and antimatter coexist. It is the place where positive and negative life forms collide destroying and creating anew.  It is a place of awakening and a place of forgetfulness. It is the beginning and the end the alpha and the omega. It is home to the creational continuum. A place where realities can be bent and shaped.

There are those that are called ‘travelers’ that hold ‘time folds’ together like a safety pin, mending dimensional rips that have occurred naturally or manmade.  Like riding virtual bucking broncos they allow one to temporarily mend a rip in time and space using a different ‘stitch in time’. The travelers come to help refold time in a proportioned fashion that allows fusion. Each interface branches off creating a new Timeline. The Traveler comes to heal what is torn and frayed in the souls of Planet Earth making time repairs  as he announces ‘a moment is coming, a chance to repair everything.’

With help from the Traveler we can prevent the time ripples from becoming tsunamis. Paradoxes abound as the Rubik's Cube of what was scientific truth now crumbles like a stale cracker. Time laws are revised to incorporate humankinds awareness. 2016 will ask all people to learn to ride the cosmic wave as it moves in and out of time tsunamis and folds. You will learn to create on a multidimensional level.  The traveler will teach you through different formats, dimensional fluxes and paradoxes. Instead of keeping your manifestations earth bound, you will create in one frequency/timeline and find your creation in another.  

The combination of timelines and parallel selves can no longer be ignored.  One is truly not who they were yesterday, nor will they ever be. Sometimes the self does not even know the difference as they just wonder what is wrong with this picture. Everything seems a little sideways. Most will just wonder for a moment and then go about their merry way. However all feel as if they are strangers in a strange land. Nothing seems to fit. People they have known their whole lives look at them like 2-headed monsters.  Even though they may look the same, the smell, the biology, the slight movements will be different and the subconscious as well as animals will know that this is not the same person.

Walking thru time folds can be like getting the inter-dimensional flu. Every time one goes thru a time transfer on any level, the body is truly changed and may not have the same blood type or antibodies as it did before. Nor will it have the same dramatically charged memories or the same scars whether real or emotional.  The body will feel heavy and out of sorts, off balance. 

Consciousness pulled from one reality to another does have the ability to fuse with itself. Getting to know oneself via the in’s and out’s of time doors will be the theme for 2016. Learning to embrace all of you and lovingly teach yourself inter-dimensional forgiveness.

For as you observe yourself in and out of time a great awakening will occur allowing a powerful ‘a ha’ moment to echo thru-out all universes. This creates an alchemical moment that actually heals the rips in space and time. Maybe it was the Creators plan all along to make this u-turn and have us meet many aspects of our different selves, whether timelines or past lives, or the string theory, all sit at the table of life and sup upon these fresh proceedings.



The Quantum Awakening Presents


Star wisdome

Conference 2016

Wesak full moon weekend

May 21-22, 2016

Marriott Meadowview Conference Center & Resort

1901 Meadowview Parkway

Kingsport Tennessee 37660

Near Bays Mountain Planetarium


$155 for both days includes all Speakers and Planetarium


This event was birthed from channeled information that whispered IN MY HEART. At first it was just fairy whispers, as I saw there was a great need to bring those of like mind together in a great Vortex of Light. It is my heart intention to bring the light leaders that live in the afternoon glow to the forefront, together in intention and heart. when you come together as one light and one heart, a great radiance and divine  presence is birthed that envelopes all creating a living light portal that propels itself outward like a dolphin in play .

About 20 years ago Great Light Leaders from around the world, Star Elders, and Wisdom-Keepers came together in one heart and one vision sharing ancient and future truths with those that would listen. They gave of their secret teachings that held the codes, of Light enveloping all until the seed teachings could reach a point of germination and finally birth.

The listening factor of planet earth has increased exponentially and even those living on Ascension Island or 20,000 leagues above the sea can tune in to all of humanities thoughts. Earth has become a great broadcasting station. So since we have attained and manifested this truth lets ride it like buffalo bill and the wild tornado.

Our time on earth quickens its heartbeat and all moments have become sacred in spiral and nature. In other words it is time to spend our Light and energy wisely. In the past we watered all the masses, seeking only to serve the Light, Great Spirit, and God.  Now as we dimensionally sail about, not anchored, we need to unfasten the truths we hold onto and give willingly to those that serve the Greater Good and have the ears to hear what we speak. The old way of doing things like casting pearls before swine gets old quick…





MAY 21-22, 2016   (Saturday/Sunday 10am -5pm)


Saturday Night Bays Mountain Planetarium

 “The Stars go with you” (private showing)







To book your rooms for this event go to


VENDOR SPACES Available Separate Room next to Conference Room

$155 for BOTH DAYS

approx. 25 Spaces Available (pre-pay)




STANDING ELK/ CHIEF GOLDEN EAGLE/  Lakota star wisdom teachings

PAGE BRYANT Author/ Star knowledge teachings

MICHAEL LIGHTWEAVER/  Author/Creator of Global Network 2012 / Mountain Light Sanctuary NC

BARBARA TREECE Keeper of the Peruvian singing vessels




And more to come…..





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2016 - How does it unfold for YOU?!


Your potentials are gifts scattered along your path of life.

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