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Created, Channeled, Written, Published and Copyrighted with Love by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

This newsletter is Spirit Driven and  has been in circulation since 1986.

The Quantum Awakening reaches a core group of millions of dedicated Planetary LightWorkers.

One to one, light to Light, it births itself into completion from that point forward


This newsletter is lovingly crafted by Spirit any imperfections in spelling and grammar 

only enhance its beauty and uniqueness.


Quantum Newsletters are lovingly translated into ‘Spanish’ by Suzy Peralta  from Argentina

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***a word from your hostess of Light


***words from Sananda

*** The land of ME

***’Avatar chakra’ crystals


***12:12 Goddess Codes Workshop

**Cosmic Classified



The 1111 energies issued a time out, not for good behavior but for observation of the patterns of light. Like a spider’s web, within the new patterns of light are hidden messages, geometries and codes.  What is still held sacred seeks an outlet a place of safety. As we move past the previous markers of limitations, we begin to dimensionally float like an island in a gale force wind.  We are all a little nauseous like jet lag, moving ever so slightly with the changing dimensional tides.

We truly have become almost Island like, no longer attached to any outcomes. Everything tries to right itself like an upside down turtle. The winds of change are dominant and push us in a direction we would not choose to go on our own. Like a multi colored autumn leaf, we allow that 'which is’, to buffer our shift.  Dimensional riff is not a place for sissies.

Learning to float is ‘a must’. The codes of light you asked for come forth as you walk gently with a big heart to the end of this year. The cells of your body and heart sound with glee as you bring love into your future via the word and walking your light. ‘This is the time of your life’ spend it well, with reference for all. Find the bounty in your hearts desires and do not let yourself be lead astray. Each hologram serves the truth of the matter. Shifting holograms is as easy as walking from the kitchen to the bathroom in your own home.

Like a carpenter bee you will learn to skate the highways and byways of dimensional conversion as all of Earth enters a new hologram in 2016.This ‘mother of all holograms’ will support the billions of smaller projections within her own body like a great fish before it gives birth to millions of eggs.

Just like trying on clothes you will see many different perspectives of your inner and outer self shadow and light. Imagine your life filled with open doorways and unlimited possibilities. Will you pick a vowel or will you stay a consonant. Will you fill in the blanks of your hearts desires or will you allow others to paint the pictures of your future.  Like one who misinterprets cave paintings It is the angles them selves that create shadow, it is in the shadows we meet our teachers.

Everyone will unwrap themselves before the holidays. It is at the time of the winter solstice that you will see the true diamond light that lives inside. Reflections of truth stand out as frankincense and myrrh, timeless with an eternal flame.  Your faces show the map of worry as lines are crossed and new roads reveal themselves after the dust settles.  We are all under construction. Sometimes a road once traveled ends; sometimes barriers are placed to move us in an entirely different direction.

As the year ends we all will be forced out of our cocoons of safety and protection. We will be asked to journey through places that we never thought we could fit. We will be asked to shine brighter and become more beautiful as a representative of all that is Holy and Good. We will be a mirror reflection for others to see that shift and change and an open heart are all places of safety in the harbor of light.

Timeless truths are exactly that! Petrified learning’s have shown their rusty caustic self to all who will look in their direction. Singing a sirens song they hypnotize those who talk too much to really listen. Everything serves the Light and one should have no regrets on any level. Words now have much more punch and you who have beckoned energies with your mutterings will see the results. We all walk forward with our hearts in our hands on bended knee with humble thoughts. We, who wear the Codes of Light, do so throughout time, never ceasing to trust what lives in our divine blueprint.  We have been cut from a blessed cloth and sewn into a holy vessel, that can sail the sea thru any storm, earthly or otherwise.



The Sananda Code asks access to an ancient time when the soul was pure and its intent was pristine. The Sananda Code is about melting the frozen genetic code and unlocking a vault of knowledge. DNA separation has begun bringing a long forgotten soul oath to the surface.  The Sananda Code is a triggering of a promise to live the light forgetting about time and space and earthly interruption. It is a remembrance that the human DNA and genome structure does not house a death hormone. The very fact that there is not a death hormone says more than one can image. You were born to be immortal.

The Sananda code is the light matrix that enters via the solar wormholes created every 8 minutes as emanations coming forth from deep space, onto earth via the suns contract with our evolution and our symbiotic relationship with this solar light. The photonic energy enters the cell membrane and It introduces a new instruction that holds a section of recovery tools to assist a planet in expulsion of dead-end codes .

The energies from deep space must pass thru the sun in order to enter earth’s atmosphere without disruption. Entering the next light grid, and moving thru a solar wormhole which allows redistribution of solar sananda codes. These old programs are keeping earth from entering a portal between the sun and galactic center.

The numerical vibration of Sananda is a 99.

2016 is the vibration of a 9 and all that entails. The number 99 means cosmic and personal completion, The End! Entering the next level of love of heart, of soul and service to the planetary evolution through healing self. Free-falling from the height of the nine into the next level of Light. Entry and exits all in the same breath. A quantum leap into unknown gifts comes through the nine. Are you ready to see and be more than you are at this minute of time? Nine is the photo finish on the heavenly line of multiple choices. If you believe you have won, you have

Words from Sananda

You And Only You Can Make The Shift. Civilization is but a Band-Aid held in place by its own belief system. You cannot fool the Light. Be honest and know yourself. As long as you hold onto struggle as a life raft it will only let you drift in the seas of despair. You Are The Captain Of Your Fate Master Of Your Soul.

Ye are God when thou are poor of spirit and substance, ye are God when filled with the riches of the day, ye are God when left alone to sleep in the night and ye are God when held in the arms of a beloved! Your faith must be sealed and solid as the rock of the mountains, as unfetching as the relentlessness of the seas, shifting only to hold onto and deeper in thine own self. Unfold your humanness and rest on the wings of truth for you cannot be any thing else but what you are. Falter not in the heat of the situation but commence on the journey into the night of the soul walking along the cliff of the future without seeing but with the lens of the heart.

You sway with every little ripple of personality, spending so much time fighting the dragons, that you are exhausted within your own essence. I am the dragons as I am you, let not that go un-noticed. For you fight within your own homestead battling the shadows that is created by your very own light. Strip away what frightens you look deep within the crevices of your soul to see why this music of fear plays in your heart, why you have not received the love that awaits your every caress.

You look for a rescuer one who will ride in upon his mount of steadfastness and swoop you up from the very life that you have created. Even in this fantasy there is a fear of being dropped, let go of, abandoned without a thought. What you seek is not monetary security nor love nor wisdom but it is the knowing that someone is standing up for you in the heavens. Look For My Reflection in the fullness of your tears. In this experience of life you have chosen to learn and to manifest from the very dust you walk upon. You wanted to remember how to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear with no help from any one.  Now you ask for that missing piece of the puzzle.

You think that something is missing, broken, or lost within you, but dear child I knew this day would come and I lovingly hid the missing piece you so seek deep within your heart. The keys to the kingdom lie within, seek thine own council and the Code of Light will be revealed. Love who you are, love who you will become, love who you were. Do not seek to be loved seek to be love! Your teacher, master, brother, Sananda


The Land of ME

In times of confusion and uncertainty the human heart opens with a determined resolution as it unfurls its light like a great banner strewn across the heavens. Humanity stands tall in their unity when there is deaths, atrocities, pain and suffering.  But as time passes and the pastures of their life is no longer in danger, they turn their face from the peace that was so important a day ago, a week ago and drive down the road parking in the ‘land of Me’. 

The ME performs its daily duties as it pushes its way to the front of lines, to the front of traffic, to the front of everything.  Then without a moments notice another doorway of tragedy opens and the ME is humbled and it falls to its knees and it turns upside down and becomes WE.  The essence of ME and the essence of WE are opposite sides of the same energy.  When everything is running smoothly no cosmic bumps it is a Me..Me..Me awareness.  When everything is upside down it is a WE consciousness.  Unite ‘WE’ must, is what the world declares vocally– but that declaration does not stick as the daily emotional weather changes.  The emotional weather is flippantly cast,  as seed that is cast to the wayward wind. The grass grows around ME and withers around WE. 

In the days of old, you stood tall thru all shadows of self and demanded fairness. You were not fearful in being heard.  Do not allow your blocked consciousness to get you to the conclusion of a pasture that closed off by rocky conclusions. When the hairs upon your body raise a red flag – listen.  Pay attention to what is around you.  Do not sleepwalk through your life, but listen.  For what affects one, affects ALL.  You have been given the 'gift of Realization'.  You cannot crouch in the corner fearful in fear. Your world can easily be turned upside down – how easy it is to manipulate a human heart. We ask you not to be  powerful  in who you are and in what you know to be truth.  Look to your future with clear eyes as you see what unfolds before you.  Do not be blind to the real worlds.  



Avatar Chakra

Pure Golden Citrine Crystals

The Avatar chakra sits between the high heart and the thymus gland, both aligning with master and mastership energy. Both points asking one to reach higher than ones very best. (good better best never let it rest till your good is better and your better is best)  Both points of light ask one to bypass the pettiness of being too human and to excel at being more than human on the way to divine.

An Avatar is the physical manifestation/ incarnation of a Supreme Being. An Avatar is a form of the ‘Most High Light’. They are knowingly eternal and free from the laws of the matter. When a personal form of God descends from the higher dimensions to the world of matter, they shift the outcome of everything. In this day of virtual reality an avatar is also a projected image of your best self via a holographic playing field. If you knew you had a part in your own creation how would you draw your self? These energies come to awaken what still sleeps.

The Avatar chakra crystal will attune us to the knowledge of timeless evolution. They teach us how to move swiftly towards our place in the ever-changing cosmic equation and not get lost in the virtual reality of it all.  They help us to gather the forces between here and there, bundling these energies like a swinging bridge across a deep crevice.

These beauty-filled crystals permit a new entrance to be created in the old pathways of the heart allowing the dimensions to meld and become workable and knowable.   These golden crystal teachers are here to show us just how to unlock the secrets of the universe and still drive the human car. 

These stones are very powerful and gentle healers as they walk you thru your own dark spaces holding a golden light over your head as you find your way home to your true heart.  The pure light that radiates from them is soothing to the eyes, soul and body. They enhance states of multiple awareness, changing splintered observations into something whole. This type of vibration allows for natural doorways of information to connect and be deciphered.

Citrine’s energy is helpful in clearing and protecting the body mind and spirit allowing deep healing and angelic/Light being communication.  The stone is believed to dissipate, transform and transmute negative energy. Citrine has the ability to cleanse the body of toxins and regenerate body tissue, Citrine is known as the "success stone" because it promotes success, prosperity, and abundance. It particularly promotes success in business, earning it another nickname; "the merchant's stone.” It is said to bring prosperity to businesses if put in the cash box. It is a stone of manifestation, helping manifest abundance in many ways.

citrine imparts generosity, to share the wealth.  Citrine is a self-esteem stone with powers to heal hurt feelings and negative criticism. Citrine has the ability to stimulate the body's own healing energies. It is good for centering and can help one's memory and problem solving. Citrine cannot hold negative vibrations but instead dissipates and transmutes them. A good stone for clearing the aura it does not absorb any negative energy and thus never needs clearing. It is a stone of protection, removing or deflecting negative energies of all kinds. It is also excellent for dream recall and dream work.




She is black because she is the goddess of second sight

The dark mother teaches us the truth that 'out of darkness cometh light'. She is in the visible blackness beyond observable sight.  She represents all the forces around us which are not perceived by our natural senses.  'She is black because she is the gateway and symbol of everything we do not know.’ She is black because she is the goddess of second sight. The dark mother is black light. She is a Seer in the void. She holds the Gaia Portal of Healing.

The dark mother was sometimes called the ‘lady of the cave’ where her statues were often hidden. The dark mother guides, advises and acts with supreme clarity. She is blunt, neither strict nor sentimental. Living in the creative intercourse between chaos and order, she calls us to enter the gateway of creation with deliberation. As the Dark Mother archetype she is a symbol of our inner shadow-self we are afraid to explore. She is a friend to the oppressed and healer of all disease.

The shrines and images of the Black Virgin have an undeniable spiritual power that can be tangibly felt. All over the world images of the dark mother are enshrined in hundreds of churches, secluded monasteries,  tiny chapels,  dark crypts and  high stoney altars. She is the lodestone, always pulling us into her mystery as she sits quietly in the dark, knowing what is to come.

These stones from the Sahara desert are a first time find for the Moroccans. They have never seen anything like them before. They are Sahara calcite which will create harmony and teach us how to keep our connection between heaven and earth.  They carry within them the memory of being created and can potentially teach us to time travel back to the beginning. They show us how to have a human existence but release our identity to being too human.  They ask you to burn away the dross that keeps you from shining as the star you are. They teach that all of creation—the earth, humans, whales, rocks, and the stars— are made of the same God stuff.

Go within to these very interesting stones and sit with ‘the lady of the caves’ in the place of the void looking into the darkness with your true heart. Reclaim the power to see thru the darkness into the Light.




The Goddess Series Presents






DECEMBER.12, 2015

10:00 am - 5:00pm/ snacks & coffee


Goddess Party 7-10 pm 

Glitter, glam, fun, dance, munchies

$77 covers it all

The vibration of ‘The Mary’s’ lives within the energy of 12:12. it is a holy frequency that aligns with the vibration of the Christ which is a #33. December 12th is traditionally celebrated as Ascension Day in some spiritual beliefs. 12:12 has always been a very powerful energy doorway that beckons us forward out of our comfort zones.  I personally have had some magical experiences at Marian grottos all over the world on 12:12.

12-12-2015 is a place where the numerical status of planet earth comes to an immediate turning point. A cellular and stellar expansion is introduced from a place where worlds and stars merge.  The gift of the ‘The Mary’s’ is celebratory HOPE imbued via Cellular intelligence. Throughout time, ‘The Mary’s’ have appeared to those that need consolation, healing, and love. On this special day we will open so many places of love and peace in our heart we will become the 12:12 Portal.


In this Powerful fun filled day with Gillian MacBeth-Louthan you will embrace many flavors of the Goddess and the Codes She houses as they are received in this Season of Love.  

The 12 days before Christmas come to gift us what our heart seeks.

The Codes come in waves of light, laced with a deep reverence for life.


***Experience a Great Multi-dimensional Christmas Healing

***Connect with the Christmas Angel

***Each of you will Channel your own Christmas messages via the Angels

***Connect with the Christ Child and Holy Mother

*** Gift of the 3 Marys Grotto Meditation

***Channeled Message via Gillian and much more…

Come spend the day and night with Ladies of Like and Light Mind.

Get a room at this brand new Hampton Hotel, sits up high away from the confusion

Share with a friend, have a pajama party!

Go for a healing swim in the heated pool after DANCING THE NIGHT AWAY…

Just think, you don’t have to make your bed in the morning.. J

A full hot breakfast awaits you, no dishes….

You can really have a girl’s night out with no worries

No Long Drive home after a fun night




601 N. Weisgarber Rd

Knoxville, TN 37919

(off of Papermill rd and I-40 , up High behind Holiday Inn Express)

Please pre-register & pre-pay

Seating is limited to 40 Goddesses

Send payment to

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

PO box 217 Dandridge, TN 37725







Ad's are inexpensive ($25 PER MONTH)(100 words per ad include everything) for newsletter and web page a great way to reach 10,000's of Real Light*Workers and support the Quantum Awakening website. 



Transformational Journey
From the old (year) to the new (year)
5 Day Healing Intensive
December 28, 2015 - January 1, 2016
Sia will be conducting a 5 Day Healing Intensive designed to ease the
transition from old into the new by closing the old year with peace and
embracing the new with grace. Through the group dynamic the individual
participants will be accelerated along their own personal paths.
It will begin a few days prior to the end of the year
and conclude on the first day of the
New Year




The Chocolate Goddess

The Chocolate Goddess is a divinely inspired Chocolate Company that blends the power of gem and flower essences  with healing chocolate. Gem and flower essences facilitate healing on the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.  

The chocolate is just a magically delicious vehicle!

As I write this, I reflect on the number of times I've been called the Chocolate Goddess!   It was two years ago that Gillian of The Quantum Awakening suggested I merge chocolate with flower essences.  Healing chocolate, she called it.  The first year I declined - I wasn't ready and had other projects.   But she persisted.   After a long and rather arduous birth, they are ready and eagerly awaiting their journey to you!

These blends have been carefully crafted to assist you as you move forward on your path to higher consciousness.  They exact a particular effect in a very grounded way! They will work for, with you, guide and inspire you 
to bring about true healing in your life.

The Goddess Donna Gilbert, who is The creator of these healing confections, bridges the loves in her life. She is ‘A flower essence practitioner, an energy healer, Reiki master & intuitive counselor’ who receives her financial blessings as a ‘chocolatier’ and energy worker.  

These flower and gem essence formulas are infused prayer, reiki,  love and gentle healing.

Specify your choice of one pound box or half pound box of Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate or White Chocolate with the formula you wish to purchase.  A message from the essences will be included with each formula.

Choose from -

Integrating the Divine Feminine/Masculine Consciousness

Manifesting Your Heart's Desires


The Eye of the Hurricane

Balance (a Chakra blend)

Celestial Assistance

Cost is $25 per pound or $16 per half pound plus shipping (to be determined by zip code).  

Please Pay by money order, check or credit card.

For details, more information and to place your order






Intuitive Readings, Therapeutic Gemstone Sessions,

Color Ray Readings,

 Healing Intensive and more.

Everyone has what it takes within to live her/his full potential.
On occasion, a new insight or input can catapult us to another level, creating
inspiration, new found energy, motivation, drive or simply an opening of another
door of awareness.  The sessions and services offered are designed to do just that
- providing a new inner harmony to stimulate an expanded version of yourself.





Therapeutic Gemstone Guide EBOOK 

This unique ebook contains explanations of the properties and effects

 of 187 different gems from the Gemstone Guardians along with color photos.

Also included is an explanation of gems as multidimensional tools, info on the chakras, info on color rays & the influences of the colors of the gems, explanations of shapes and more. A wonderful source of all types of information relating to Therapeutic Gemstones.




Tools for energy (vibrational) healing, meditation,

transformation, self-realization and higher consciousness



(Ascended Masters, Archangels, Elohims, Sprays, Blends, Gemstones, etc.)

EMF /CELL PHONE PROTECTION (Stickers, Necklaces and Spheres)


We create our tools through direct contact with the Host of the Ascended Masters including higher non-physical beings (angels, etc.) and the Ashram of the Gemstone Guardians.





Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
PO box 217
Dandridge, Tennessee