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***2008 the Year of Conversion

*** Like Attracts Like, So If You Are Walking Thru A Big Pile of Cosmic Dung

Do Not Blame The Holy Cow

*** Artificially Created Portals

*** PLEIADIAN COUNCIL OF LIGHT In the fullness of Light we stand in front of all Shadows

*** Resetting Our Inner Spiritual energies


*** The Galactic Times by Philip Sedgwick






The vibrations of 2008 are all about conversion, changing from one form into another. It will be a paramount year for seeing the fruition of many a tree you thought was dead. A time where miracles revive and breath life into the broken dreams and lost hopes of so many.

Conversion is defined as an event that results in a transformation, a change in the units or form of an expression: (like conversion from Fahrenheit to Centigrade) the act of changing from one use or purpose to another. A change in which one adopts a new faith, or belief.

The conversion of 2008 asks how do you spend your time energy, money, and light. Do you spend too much time and energy in worrying or waiting for a sign from the universe? How much time energy and money did you put into the last large item you bought for yourself (car, house, appliance, computer  etc) how many hours did you log (or blog) worrying about the money to get the thing? How many miles did you drive looking for the thing? How hard did you work to get the money to buy the thing?

Look at all that time energy and life force that is now held in your new refrigerator etc.  See that as a living light. The item has more value since it took so much of you to manifest it. Take a moment right now and  visualize yourself breathing all that time energy and money in the form of a living light deep into your being filled your void with it, filling the empty tired spots of your energy field. Just keep breathing in and filling yourself with all the life-force you spent getting that item in the first place.  Now in your heart of hearts how do you want to spend this new light and life-force you have just filled yourself with?  You can keep it and just relax into it as a big ole soft cushion or you can take it and shoot it toward the next star you want to wish on.

The vibration of 2008 is about increasing the vibration and value of self.

2 = holds the vibrational word energy of time, will, duality, balance

0-0 = holds the vibrational word energy of ‘all that was before creation’

8 = holds the vibrational word energy of goals, success, prosperity, trust, faith hope, god and Moses.

As a total unit of numerical 10 it has the vibrational word energy of vitality, crown, man, arise, shine and conversion point.

During this time of cleaning and purification when all are stripped down to their core it is important to remember that there is a lifeboat that seeks to rescue you. The feeling of drowning is real as you learn to swim in deeper waters.   The dross is consumed by the phoenix as it flies thru the fires seven times seven.

Hold tight to whatever is your daily blessing, as it will keep you afloat until the tides lines change.  Meeting your mark is not necessarily a date with destiny. What you have marked with thoughtful desired attention is as varied as apples in a barrel. From see to shining sea the emotional ocean changes as the world enters the month of liquid learnings.



Like Attracts Like,

So If You Are Walking Thru A Big Pile Of Cosmic Dung

Do Not Blame The Holy Cow

In our lives there are many doorways of change we would like to enter, but like the old hermit in his cave we await the sign from above to move into that place of destined change. At what point does the external sign shift the outcome? Why do we wait for external sources to command our attention and only then make our move toward destined change?

Can we become the sign we so desperately seek? As humans we seem to need confirmation from on high that our choices are politically correct, we need an cosmic OK to move ahead.  As humans we are so connected on a cellular level that we sometimes need to group with another to open the portal of possibility.  Our energies emulsify with one another in agreement or disagreement to either open a portal or close a possibility.

When two or more are gathered in energy and heart the universe will unfold exposing soft skin and lift them to a place of miracles.  This is a time of whipping up some home made miracles for each other with home baked intention as the main ingredient.  Softly helping others kneed their desired outcome.

This is a time of deep reflection into a pool of possibility.  Each situation in your daily life will touch you deeper and deeper. You can verbally discount the sadness of another but we all know that the energy of ‘one for all and all for one’ is not just for three musketeers.  We as a planet and a collective unit of light are energetically ‘our brother’s keeper’ whether we want to be or not. As a species created in the image of God we are vibrationally and biologically connected for it can be no other way.

As the light energy steadily increases in pressure and position we will find many who cannot adjust to this change that is driven by human needs and wants. Emotions will float to the surface like old treasures that were once hidden. Playing into another’s dialogue will only clip your wings of light.  Wishing a disagreeable person the very best will unplug you from their grid of negativity. Like attracts like, so if you are walking thru a big pile of cosmic dung do not blame the holy cow.





Artificially created portals that cause rips and tears in the morphogenic /protective  field of earth are becoming more and more rampant, distorting time, and energy. They allow the worlds between to leak and stain each other.

One should know that not all portals lead to the Elysian Fields. Places of cross over come to confuse the six senses. All types of Lines of energy, electrical and magnetic peck away at the natural protection of man and beast leaving one vulnerable and tender-footed. Becoming light filled and soft of heart will not be enough to keep the wolves away from your camp as 2008 comes to the starting gate.

In upcoming months the belief factor will weigh heavy in the ring, as dark seeks any one that doubts, ready to take one last punch for a knock out finish.  Time has been told that 2012 will give you the key you so seek, but time has bothered to mention that it is you who will build the passageway and door the key will unlock.

When all elements come together as new properties are discovered about the element of light. You are a living-breathing repository of light, for you can be nothing else. Let your light shine like a super nova as you explode into new directions of time and space.

Life seems to have a battering ramp as of late as one thing after another come sot knock down your hopes and dreams.  Survival mode genetically needs to click in for the human species to evolve and attain desired results.  Humanity fluctuates at this point as minds that were once made up sway with the winds of change.

Each and every day the balance of light and dark is challenged by life and the choices you are asked to make.  Will you choose right or quick and easy will you choose honor or default on your light. An initiation of global proportion is issued to all that will listen to see the much-diluted truth within the dilemma.

You cannot falter from the ‘right choice’ for one thought. As one iota of darkened energy will beckon to itself a million equally dark particles creating heaviness that is denser than any fog. As you energy this field of possibility your view may become distorted, you may lose yourself for a while. The path can only be illumined by your honorable intentions no other way. You must constantly monitor yourself for such actions or non-actions.

You are the deciding factor in so many levels of light Every thought counts who are you voting for in these primaries? do what is honorable and right and sits well in your soul, no matter how hard the choices. There is only ONE choice where the Light is concerned.   What is right for you and the world will sit gently in your heart without question.





In the fullness of Light

we stand in front of all Shadows

In the fullness of time we appear to be seen by heart and inner eye.  In the fullness of light we stand in front of all shadows, all doubts, and all fears.  In the fullness of heart we enter gently as the family and friends of light gather to show their love, their appreciation, their acceptance of you back into their hearts.  We are the Pleiadian Council

We see that you sit at an intersection of whom you once were and who you shall become.  You read the roadmap of your past actions and reactions and expect to find the future in those schematics.  You see where you have fallen and no one has picked you up. 

You wait for the world to exhale so that you can breathe in what it good, what is grand and what is your purpose.  the carbon monoxide of other’s thoughts and negativities waif through the air causing you to breathe shallowly. You try to escape what is too human, what has become undone, what has made you afraid. 

You have faltered in the storms, you have faltered in the choices and you have faltered in the quickening.  Time elapses upon itself.  All that you have learned comes to an Apex of reforming your thoughts, your intentions and clarifying what still lingers in your heart.

In the next days you will be given a choice – do you believe 100% that you are aligned with what is light? You may have to dig deep into the haystack to find what represents the goodness in this time and place.  become as a living blessing to all those you meet. give to them a great new hope for the day save their life with a kind word.  Ask to be a blessing for everything and everyone from the morning to the night.  It is by doing this that you will amplify the wattage of creation and put it in into a place that will solidify. 

You have forgotten what the journey is really about.  You are not here to judge or point fingers.  Those that stand in your way do so as a mighty giant that stands before a sacred mountain.  If you cannot bypass the giants of your life, find a different angle of thought and heart and it will gain you entrance into and through what you deem to pass. 

Everything in your life that you see as a blockage can only be dissolved through the amplification of love. You can either be a victim or live in victory.  Every one of you are masters and you have forgotten because the smallness of everyday life has piled itself up and you cannot see beyond it. 

A clarion call has come forth and asked you to reconfirm your vows with the light, with what is divine, with the future of planet Earth in a place of peace.  So many of you have given up on your freedom, on your heart’s desires, on what brings you joy.  We ask you to dig in your heels (and they are winged heels) as of late and to believe not just for yourself, not just for your planet and your people but for all that exists that depends on the outcome of earth’s ascension or de-cension.  And this we leave you as a thought in your heart.  We go.




 Resetting Our Inner Spiritual Energy

Over the past several days we've dealt with the Sun crossing two potent black holes in Capricorn, demanding a reset of inner spiritual energy, The phenomena astrophysicists call black holes can be thought of as very deep pools of consciousness, places we can enter if we dare, and return (or not) forever changed. Black Holes have an all or nothing nature to them and offer no in-between.

To enter a black hole in consciousness requires relinquishment of lesser modes of being, of the attachments associated with our existing lives. This requires the willingness and personal integrity to go deep within our consciousness, to allow a disintegration of the constructs of self we hold, of what we think ourselves to be, and to emerge with a far deeper sense of our true selves, the truth of our souls. We then must then bring that pure intent back into our life expression. The successful feat can result in an inversion or flip in consciousness--with an 'aha' of great magnitude, one that may change our lives forever.




Welcome dear children, we are the Pleiadian Council of Light, we come forth and wrap our arms of light around you.   We stand along side the battlefields of your life as great generals of light that seek to know if they have taught their soldiers well.  We are above in the crescents of light and you are down in the valley of the shadow of earth and mortality.  we watch your hopes leap from the cliffs seeking to fly as we ourselves bear the brunt of what you are feeling – the pain and the confusion.  You hold a seed of hope and light that can never dim.  It is in this place that you will find peace.  It is in this place, this tiny point of original light that we can align with you taking you to a new level of wisdom. 

As your humanness grows more giant like in all of its frailties, and fears you will begin to cast a bigger shadow.  Every doubt, every fear, every point of escape within you casts a very long shadow. You feed what is dark by your fears and allowing yourself to become a victim over and over again reveling in that position.  You grow heavy as unleavened bread with each word of negativity from one to another.  It is you, dear one, that cast this shadow and it is you, dear ones, that must retract that darkness and not let it blind your light. 

You stand at a threshold of molecular decomposition.  You stand at a threshold that announces to you that you no longer spin in light as you have in the past.  You no longer spin in truth as you have and you no longer spin in belief as you once did.  As you stand in this threshold casting this very long shadow of doubt you come to a point of complete annihilation.  You come to a decompression point like a balloon that spins you out of control.  As one that is beamed from the mothership back down to earth, you stand in between here and there.  You are not here and you are not there.  You float about in-between all matter, and all anti-matter.  You try heartily to hold on to who you knew yourself to once be but it is as hugging a ghost You cannot touch it. You  hold tightly and deeply to your memories of when life was simple and easy.

Your humanness is despondent for it feels as it has lost control of the good ship of lollipops that once was life.  You feel as if life tricks you into a corner painting yourself into a place that is triangular and fanlike of shape.  Once you believed with all of your heart and soul that you could manifest and create whatever you desired. Once you believed so much deeper than the wellspring of your belief at this point of life.  You have given up, The sound of that giving up beckons its self.  A shot in the dark is what we ask of you. Just point and shoot toward the movement in the dark night of the soul. You must believe with all of your vibrations that nothing can destroy what you know yourself to be. 

You have allowed the dark mistress of life to slap you into a place of submission.  You have allowed matter to own you.  The very molecules of your light discuss your future, and conjoin in attitudes throughout your day.  Every aspect of your being, both positive and negative, flows as a battery charge.  Imagine that you are storing light like a solar device and you have a positive charge or you have a negative charge.  Imagine every thought of your 186,000 second day you are positively charging or negatively charging the solar battery of your life. 

You are in a place in between here and there, a place of pretend, a place that sculpts itself from your positive or negative charge to every thought and situation.  The energy of time wraps around you in the tightness and the ‘not’ that you so wish to tie.  You have timed yourself into a limited existence. The vibrations of life are an ever-changing  illusion.  They seem real to the touch and they seem real to the taste but they are not.  Your humanness is looking for a way out of present situations, present dilemmas.  Looking for a new solution since nothing you have learned in the past now avails itself to you.  We ask you to step outside of yourself and at the same time step into the very deep abyss into your single cell of light and see yourself.  See the beauty that you are, the master that you are, the being of light that you are deep in this place of you.

Just be there for a moment, feel all those that believe in you, feel all those that love you, feel all those that are part of you on every level of DNA.  You have never been deserted, you have never been abandoned.  We stand by you and believe in you even when you do not believe in yourself.   You are at the Apex of your light.  What happens to you is reflected in your world.  Instead of drowning in the sorrows of others you must stand united with us with all levels of your light and with all aspects of those that support you in light.  You are so loved beyond time and beyond space. You have been well seeded for this time, this place and you will be the saving grace by your belief and so it is.  We are the Pleiadian Council of Light.



The Galactic Times:  ~ 14 Jan 2008 by Philip Sedgwick

Over the past several days we've dealt with the Sun crossing two potent black holes in Capricorn, demanding a reset of inner spiritual energy, a.k.a. restoring chakra alignment and optimizing kundalini flow. Add to that the alignment of Venus to the Trans-Neptunian bad boy, Ixion, who when given a second chance did not master altering his fate. Both Ixion and Venus align with the Great Attractor, demanding a "consider all options" approach.

Great Attractor solar contactees Brittany Spears and Lucy Liu (the new, second season of Cashmere Mafia for U. S. TV viewers) come to mind. Okay, maybe Ms. Spears and Liu are not the best examples. But surely the rest of you enjoyed claiming second chances, especially in the Venus realm of resetting financial matters, restoring withered creative contracts and getting over the hump of hesitation in professional decisions - all themes supported by the Cap Sun. Now the Sun aligns with GRS 1915+105, a small, potent black hole in our hood so to speak, only 40 K light years distant. This anomaly shoots out bipolar and super-luminal jets, making it not only visually compelling but arousing to the deeper levels of consciousness as it seeks resolution between divergent demands and beliefs. No, this point does not mean you're going to go bipolar or wacko. No fair using it as an excuse.

With GRS 1915+105, we locate what we really want. No, what we really, really, really want. Once want and desire get determined, set down your copy of The Secret. You won't be needing it anymore. When locked on, and if you've cleared energetic blockages (the source of subconscious setback surges), you'll find whatever it takes to get what you really, really, really want to happen. Don't believe me? Fine, check out those folks born at this degree of Capricorn plus or minus four. They master manifestation even if grumbling about lack while doing so. Course, it's better not to grumble about lack. Of course it is. How can we accomplish that?

We all know and probably dread the fact that Pluto stands on the verge of entering Capricorn, which causes a heap of star gazing folks to grumble presently. True, this entry sounds like a bad fit and we can only hope that ample oil exists in all necessary places such that the process does not require a shoe horn, crow bar or five burly, sweating men. As of the 20th of this month, setting the stage for Pluto's initial probe into Capricorn, we find five astrological notables (and not one burly sweating man) in Aquarius - a pattern continuing through February 18th at which point Venus swivels into the mix to become the sixth horoscopic effect in Aquarius. In this era we'll find the Sun, Mercury, Chiron, Neptune and the North Node all splashing on the shores from which the water bearer bears.

So is this an Aquarian conspiracy? Nope, it is just natural celestial checks and balance system that offers relief and objective sanity as the next chthonic era of Pluto commences. Mercury's extended stay in Aquarius results from his retrogradation. It's almost as if he "hmms" to himself, wondering if the last great idea that swirled in from Cygnus or somewhere else near Aquarius managed to assume a permanent (you know, fixed) seat in the consciousness. As the Sun aligns with each of the other Aquarian influences, conscious attention focuses the specific Aquarian agendas. When the Sun transits Chiron, a call to reclaim any last bit of healing work to clear all energy decks completely echoes in the resounding caverns of the inner cranium. The Sun to Mercury insists upon articulation of even the most off the wall, bizarre, radical, hyper-dimensional thoughts, regardless of perceived response. Thank God for a large dollop of Aquarian "I really don't give six hoots (or insert your favorite expletive - and be creative!) about how you perceive my brilliance." Aah!!! The Sun to Neptune creates that magical moment in which the early morning warmth dissolves the foggy ethers of night.

The Sun-Neptune image that always comes to my mind is being at sea many years ago in the Gulf of Tonkin during a time when no cruise ships navigated that region. One morning, the sea stood virtually still without a ripple. It was a rich indigo child blue, contrasted with the dense fog that completely surrounding my for the moment peaceful warship and extended upward to a few hundred feet in altitude. Directly above, perfectly blue sky topped off the surreal scene. The image that stuck with me: when all horizons appear obscured retreat to the underworld (think shamanically) or upper world for direction and insight. As Aquarius always points out: when stuck in one dimension, shift into others.

Finally, the Sun's connection with the node, who started this sequence aligned with the amazing energies of Cygnus X-3, promotes alliances and allying with those who share similar altruistic and amortizing agendas. The partnerships could save the world and make a heap of money, too. It could/might take a half decade to get there. So what in the entire cosmic scheme? The personal notation of the node/Cygnus X-3 connection as Pluto plunges into Capricorn iterates the need to spend ample time shedding psychic disturbances and emotional upset. Ample equals 4.8 hours. No one will accuse you of unnecessary drama if your process in your own personal underworld or the sanctified space of your favorite healer of a Chironic persuasion (not just chiropractors) even if it takes more than half a work day.

Many persons report the start of '08 has been less than stellar - astrologers understand that comment and at the same time wonder how it could be true. Regardless, here comes a breather. The Universe offers a breather to those plowing through life with diligence, determination, dedication and declaration on the path to destiny. As Aquarians might say, "Dude (to them, dude is gender nonspecific), just sit back and feel the vibe, man (to them, man is gender nonspecific). That's how you get from crunch to ease." Here's to the restoration of humanity and sanity.