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This newsletter is Spirit Driven and  has been in circulation since 1986.

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*** The true light of the season

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 By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Since I was a small child every year I wish upon the christmas star with a deep knowing that  wish will come true.. Some years I keep the wish others times I gift it to someone who is in need.  My Christmas wish for all of you is that you’ll allow yourself the gift and luxury of being human, vulnerable and soft of heart. Being born on Earth is a big deal and not something to be taken lightly. You are 99.9% Light at all times, in all incarnations in all forms. Light is your original form. Humanness is a luxury, an adventure for those brave enough to try it on.

 As I watch the Energy of the global Quantum Awaken I see your hearts expand and contract in unison I see a mirror image of the universe in its pulsation and explosions. If you could only truly grasp the fullness of this cinematic picture called life you would delight in its gardens and bounty. Here sits the secret of the universe in full bloom. Herein sits time in all of her sequences and sections.

The great puzzle within seeks to see the picture on the box, if only to make construction of the ideals easier. The pieces mix and match like a color blind tourist on holiday. Signs are twisted, roads run out, bridges fall as you try to cross to the other side of this knowing. As the year ends stay at a place of knowing without restraints or constraints. A place of ‘no expectations’ as what is great makes its way to the surface breaking the quiet of the still pond.

Life has been whirling and twirling about, as toy soldiers without a mission. Allow the origami of your soul to unfold in its own time and truth. The year pushes and prods you into stitching yourself so thin you begin to fracture. This time stamp and pace will not let up for it is not just seasonal. It is important that your prioritize your life and do not let the karma and choices of others be served to you. Do you not De-serve the very goodness you give to others?

The word De-serve (to be worthy, fit, or suitable for some reward) asks you not just to serve  the needs of others but to allow yourself what is need to complete who you are. You are running on empty in the desert and the fill up station is 100 miles away. Give to the Christ child within you. Let the shining star guide you home to remembering in the fullness of time, what this journey is all about.  The gifts of spirit are promised to you in so many ways via so many sacred texts and Holy Scripture. they are the keys that unlock the shackles you wear as humans.

Between 12:12 2009 and 12:12 of 2010 you will be gifted a cycle of time that will allow you to complete what still holds you hostage in thought and action. Please call upon the Light to assist you in healing the areas that still fester and pain you. Areas of family or regrets or angers or sad nesses. Allow me to help you join in heart and dream those you still long to see. Allow the universe to lift the veil between worlds so you can fully see that, those you love still live on in spirit, deed, and Light.  Allow the Light to heal what has transmuted thru time in your family DNA. Ask to see into the heart of another and heal yourself in that reflection.

This is a time of miracles walking all over earth and you need to see that with your own two eyes. No amount of cajoling is going to get you to the place of believing fully. This season of Light expect a miracle or two displaying their wings for you. EXPECT your family to be healed and forgiven of all past sins and injustices. Expect your life to run smooth and bountiful. Expect help from every human around you if you so needed it. EXPECT the good to come looking for you; expect to be the favorite child of a loving Universe. See the time between now and 12/12/2010 as a well lit pathway to a new land in time. Use this gift wisely promoting your own dreams in thought and action. Believe in yourself as you believe in others and watch the Christmas Magic dance thru your life. Let the wishes of your life be granted and stop holding them at bay. Create to your full potential and then stretch that ability a little more every day. You were born to do great things remember that every day and act accordingly.

On December 31, 2009, we have a Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse. This is the most important New Years Eve we have ever been gifted in a long time. It asks us to ‘flash forward’ into the next 2 years to see what we can see. No matter how much you do not believe prophecy from time and earth, it will still affect your energy field and your choices. 

This New Years Eve 2009 create an ‘I AM TEMPLATE’, an energetic road map into the next 2 years.  Command the energies into a direction that serves the better good on all levels of your life. Ask the Light/Angels/God/ to release what still pushes your buttons and pulls your strings.  Release the pettiness between you and others, the green-eyed energy that sucks your light. Release the anger that drains you of your strength, just keeping it alive. Release the expectations you have of others, as they ride their own horse of a different color.

The I AM TEMPLATE consists of an eternal circle. First, draw the large circle repeating the words I LIVE IN A PLACE OF PLENTY.  2ND On the inside of the circle place everything you plan on creating in the next 2 yrs. ALL OF YOUR DREAMS ASPIRATIONS, WANTS, NEEDS, AS WELL AS WHAT YOU WANT FOR THE PLANET. On the outside of the Circle write everything you are CHOOSING to RELEASE. Release all that does not serve your highest good any longer. Be specific in those releases. Then on New Years Eve bless the ‘I AM TEMPLATE’ and then burn it, releasing its ashes like a sacred prayer on smoke.

Dec 31, 2009: Partial Lunar Eclipse is numerically a 7/11 (#9) vibration

Cosmic and personal completion! Entering the next level of love of heart, of soul and service to the planetary evolution through healing self. Free-falling from the height of the nine into the next level of Light. Entry and exits all in the same breath. A quantum leap into unknown gifts comes through the nine. Are you ready to see and be more than you are at this minute of time? Nine is the photo finish on the heavenly line of multiple choices. If you believe you have won, you have. Your New Years resolutions on 12/31/2009 will be more powerful than a super nova. Their vibration will surpass space and time and land at the feet of God. Be careful what you pray for, as it will come to past.







As Received By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


I am angelic of origin, angelic of form, and angelic of being


So many of you have reached up from the Earth into the Heavenly realms asking for help, asking for assistance, asking for miracles.  Never before have the Heavenly Hosts and the Angelic Hosts heard such a cry and such a beacon of light to be broadcast.  Never before have we issued millions of angels to come forth and wrap themselves all around Earth.

In the Angelic World, we wear many forms colors and energies.  Sometimes we come forth as a single drop of rain upon your face.  Sometimes we come forth as a breeze touching your cheek. Sometimes we can be seen in the clouds as a brilliant luminosity.  Sometimes we are a single tiny dot of light and others we are big enough to embrace all of earth.  We vary in size in color and light.  We vary in jobs and in position and in understandings of humans.  We are not those who have fallen from death on your planet.  We are a completely different type of being, one who listens to your every beck and call.  The Heavenly Father issued you to be in charge of us.  Finally, after so long, we are set free to do our job, to love and protect you.  Each one of you has a multitude of us around you.  We flit about as a butterfly in a palace rose garden. 

When you were born you were given an angelic guardian.  We come forth to allow you the experience the grace, the glory of peace amongst all the turmoil.  We are what brings a smile to your face in the midst of a hectic day when just for a moment you remember us and just for a moment you experience peace. 

Remember we are real! We are just as real as you are.  We are just at a different frequency of light. We cry for you, we laugh with you, we talk about you, we think about you -- for we are in love with you.  We are in love with your joys, and we are saddened by your hurts.  For every part of you resonates to a part of us, but we need your full attention as you move through these next time sequences.  Send us to the battlefields.  Send us to those that sleep in fear.   Send us to those that hurt.  We are to be issued to all of humanity.  Unfortunately you only call to us in times of despair, but we are here always. 

Allow us to come into your world, to run your errands of light, to run your errands of hope, to run your errands of healing.  It is our job as we serve the creator for you.  Do not keep packing your soul with heavy burdens allow us, by your asking, to lighten your load literally. 

Send us to those you are worried about.  Send us to those who only think of themselves and no one else.  Send us into the day before you venture out.    The miracles are held in our hearts and released from our hearts to your hands.  Receive them by your belief.  Receive them by your faith. 

We are issued to humanity by the Heavenly Father himself. In the beginning we looked down upon humans, we thought, how could such a lesser being, a lesser species– know how to delegate to us – such fine-lined filaments of heavenly light.  As we have quietly observed you throughout time, we know that you hold within you a great heart and a great possibility for the future.   It is this knowing that brings us joy.  It is this knowing that helps us to become involved in your daily affairs.

For as I have spoken – we are minute and we are vast, beyond your knowing.  You know many of our commanders such as Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael – but they are but a few of the trillions upon trillions of us that await your acknowledgment, that await you asking us to come into your life, and into your heart. For that is our job and the Father pushes us to do so.  We cannot be called forth into action unless it is by you.  We sit on the edge of the light, waiting for your call like a love sick girl on date night.

The truth is we have fallen in love with you.  We have finally opened our heart to you and all resentment of the past has been dissolved.  We understand the wishes and the longings of the Creator now.  We understand the destiny of mankind now.  For in the very beginning – you're beginning, we did not.  So let us love you and allow yourself to love us.  We shall work as a team, to help dissolve all of the pain on the Earth. 

We ask you not to lean upon us fully, but to use us as a crutch and place us under one arm and some days, two.  Let us help you balance.  Let us help you heal.  Let us help you bring more love into your marriages, into your families, into your life.  We are so much more then what you understand. We love you.  We truly do.  We apologize deeply for any sadness that we caused you in the beginning of time.  Understand that this battle that you fight on earth has fallen from the heavens to be played out on earth. Allow the angels of light to come.  It is now time for you to reinstate what was divinely directed for you to do in the beginning -- to call upon the angels and they will be here with one word, one thought, and one breath. 




As Received By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


Welcome my loves.  Welcome my dears.  I am she that enters your heart on this day with such a love and deepness of purpose.  I am she that held the babe, the Christ child in swaddling clothes close to my heart and cried, as I knew that he would not live long upon the earth.  I am she who had to explain to the villagers, to Joseph, to my parents – how I was with child and who had delivered the child into my body.   

Not much is spoken of the situations I had to endure.  The pointed fingers that always looked at me with darkness in their hearts.  My own family members did not believe until the very day of the Ascension of Christ.  Even my husband Joseph would look at the young boy Jesus and not see the divinity within him. For it was not until my son moved forward fully into his power did he receive the knowledge and the teachings of the Light.  He embarked upon a journey similar to that you all have embarked upon.  He embraced that journey and he moved into more of his God.  He appeared to be as a regular child, as a regular man, as a regular son.  From the very moment of his birth, I was shown what was to come.  I was shown how it was to come.  And so I loved him and held him and taught him as a human child – as any human child.  All along I knew about the Divine Presence within him. 

The story of the Christmas Star, of the night of his birth is very distorted.  For you are well aware that it took many months for anyone to travel any amount of distance in that time and that place.  And so the wise men came at one time, one by one.  The shepherds came at another time.  All that entered onto the place of this child’s body saw it differently – a different time, a different perspective, a different reason.  It is not as the nativity is shown in your world.  There was great stench within the stables.  It was not a place that a king should have been born, but he came into the lowliest of energies to become the vast light he was destined to be. 

He did not sit around twiddling his thumbs waiting for a lightning bolt from God.  But he walked and he journeyed and he prayed and he cried and he angered throughout his life.  He sought what he knew lived within him.  He questioned what lived within everyone else.  And he became the greatest of men, as well as a Christed being.   it was not done in the flick of a light, in the promise of 3 wise men, nor on the bended knee of the shepherds. 

There was much stress and distress within our lives, within our hearts, and within Joseph and mine relationship – for always he questioned what had happened.  He had it revealed to him in a most glorious way, but still he did not believe.  He was a man of greater age than myself, a man of distant heart.  It was not a marriage of love.  It was a marriage that pre-arranged and pre-ordained, as all where in those days and those times.  He was not there for me in my pain, in my sadness, in my angers, and my confusion.  He stayed at a distance purposely.  Always in the back of his mind was the thought of how was the holy conception possible.  He did not believe fully and this caused him great sadness in his life as far as I was concerned.  He was a great man of his own merit, but he was not the husband that I would have chosen – for in truth, I did not want a husband at all.  I wanted to bear the child my own way but it was forsaken in those days and times.  I wanted to take the child to the temple of the Essenes and allow him to grow up in that temple and be taught in the ancient teachings.  He spent much time there anyway and eventually, we were separated as he went to school. 

I speak of this because I wish to bring clarity to your hearts and to the understanding of what in truth the nativity is because most people are naïve thinking it was as depicted. I speak to you of the humanness of my son because you also are very aware of your humanness and also very aware of your divinity.  This is a time in your world when your divinity is closer, to being fully bloomed then it has ever been.  Your humanness knows this and fears it.  But the divinity of you, the Light of you holds out her hand and says, “Come with me child.”  So what I say to you in this time of Christmas is to become as me and embrace the humanness in a format of divinity as I embrace the Christ child as my son, not as the Son of God, --- but as my son!!  Always he was my son. 

The energy of death is making itself present on your earth as all the old ways of thinking depart, fall away and die.  As all the old structures of what was once held as truth pass onto greater pastures.   death does not have to come to your physical body and you must decree that.  I release the walk of death that I once thought was a necessity.  You must reverse the entropy that has entered the cells of your body by believing that you shall and will live forever. Speak to cells as a commander-in-chief, illuminating them with your words, with your hopes, and with your desires to become more.  MORE than just spirit without flesh -- to become flesh and spirit -- and spirit and flesh in one. 

My son came to tell you that you could do more, far greater deeds than he, that your physical body can and will ascend. And that is what you have forgotten.   Usher in the next year with a knowing that my body is coming into light -- and my light is coming into body.  And that is what is promised me.  And what is promised shall be. 

Honor yourself as women, some of you as mothers, some of you as wives, some of you as wives to be.  For you hold within you softness, a love, a yearning, and a journey that no others can take.  The Holy Family walks within your cells, within your blood, and within your thoughts.  And it time you each remembered that.  For each one of you as the male enters your life and as a male stays in your life, there is always a part of that male that is similar to my husband Joseph.  A part of that male that on some level doubts something very deep and meaningful and truthful that you have spoken.  This energy is carried in all females.  Do not allow that to bind your feet or to bind your heart.   Rise above the pointing of others, the thoughts of others, the words of others, and the indiscretions of others.  Females since the beginning have not been believed.  They have been seen as a race of deceivers ones with betrayal and betrayed, ones who do not honor.  In the next year this will be made very apparent. 

Do not lie to yourself in any manor or any form.  And do not lie to others.  You have lied so often to protect yourself from being hurt, from being seen, from being killed.  You have lied about your emotions, your feelings, your loves, and your hates.  And now it is time to be truthful and present that truth in a glorious fashion without fear of being walked away from.  At this time I, Mother Mary, shall leave.  Feel my presence in your heart.  Let me walk through you this time.  Let me use you.  Allow me the luxury of your body, of your thinking, of your words, and of your actions.  I go.




Let The True Light Of The Season Radiate Thru Your Every Action.

Do Not Doubt Or Fear Or Allow The External Frenzied  Energies To Control Your Every Move Into This Season Of Miracles.

This is your time, wear it well. Become the master of your fate by making higher choices that move you into a space of freedom. Be thankful for all that is you and all that is about you, for you are the creator of that universe as well.

Let the five fingers of self point you in a new direction that will support and enable you to be all that you were born to be. Stop fighting the currents of your life and drifting from drama to drama. Spend your time and energy wisely in your creational mode which runs full speed all the time.

Become that which you yearn to be in your inner heart. Become the picture in your mind as you embrace the higher credenza of purpose. You do not insult God by trying to be a better. Compete with the higher light your universe grows bored and will entertain itself in fashions that will not always be user friendly to humans.

In the energy of Christmas come into your Christed-ness with purpose and plan. Plan to be a better human with a vast purpose. Listen to the signs and hear the future as it beckons your attention. Every day you will be given a series of energies to look at. Within each intersection is a panel of choices which you are also asked to observe. At that point of inner sight and universal choice, let your heart  be the one to vote with purpose and pure intention. Then  quickly move forward into that opening.

Each and every day listen with your heart and then move into that place of thought. Follow your light as it connects with person place or thing. Follow your light as it directs you like a beacon into a place of heavenly choice. Choice is the Grand Master of all human energies as it consumes humanity 24 hrs a day. People are always at a point of choice. Ask to chose higher and wiser and in a place of love and then stand back and watch the show of light shift into holograms of miracles and blessings for all.

Each kindness that you do travels thru space and time touches all on its way to the beginning. You touch the very Godhead, the Source with your every action and inaction, know this always then choose to walk  the fine line of creation. Give to those who do not expect it, Give anonymously with zest. Give of your silent prayers for another you pass on the street, give without thinking allowing it to be a way of life not a season




You have asked for me, you have cried to me. You have loved me and you have hated me. You have looked upon my pictures with fire in your eyes and you have looked upon my pictures with tears in your eyes, but always daughter/son, I have looked at you with love.
You get angry at me and those like me because we answer your questions not. We lay it not out as a banquet for you. We give you not the directions to the next step or turn. We do this because we love you. We do this because we know that it is only  through you own aggravations and your own sadness and your own trials and tribulations, will you find the key to unlock the door to what has never been closed, let alone locked.

In humanness there is great frustration as one continues to forget their divinity. One takes everything verbatim and it sees not the energies between the vowels the consonants and the words. It is what you do not see that holds the truth for you. It is what you cannot speak that gives you the answers that you seek, and it is those that have no love for you that give you the gift of the greatest love of all. 

Look where nothing is.  Look in between the breaths, the heartbeat, the sighs, the sounds of life for what you seek. 

You in-act as if reading from a script.  You wear the garment that man has worn throughout time and that garment makes you act as man has always acted, react as man has always reacted. The humanness is given to you only as a cloak. There comes a time in your life that you must take that cloak off and see yourself for who you really are. The words of others, the infarctions of others, the injustices of others, can only adhere themselves to the cloak of humanness and will slide right off of the nakedness of your divinity. You are at that point of removing your cloak and knowing that what seems to be isn't.

I am everything that you cannot see. I am the space in between the hummingbird wings, I am the silence in between the buzz of the bees. I am, as you are, everything in between. Earth is a playing field, an illusion, it does not exist truly. When you stay at a place in between for long enough, you will understand this. That nothing on earth can hurt you or adhere to you unless you allow it. That all of these things you have spoken of and worried about are but game pieces and life is the game. You react to how this individual and this person moves their game piece.  In every interaction you are given an opening and invitation into a divine lesson and into a divine truth.

Many of the individuals that you teach and that you love continually walk in a direction that seems backward or negative but once again it is not. You have put on the human cloak again and initiated the program of judgement.  You are not here to save anybody. In reality your are to here to learn for yourselves. You in truth are here for me, you are my students, you are my hope, you are my love.

I am in truth here for the father element, and the mother light. The God that you know of is even limited and is here as a representative for an even higher frequency of the universe. The word universe in itself is also limited.  We are all separate octaves of the same light each one of us becoming a little more dense, a little bit more physical, a little bit more programmed, until one day the very densest part of the light, or what you have named as the light, remembers that  it is more, and then the next level remembers it is more, and the next, and the next, and the next.

At this point in evolution and existence, humanity has remembered where they will dwell. You will look at your life and not react to it but just love it. For each situation you have given to yourself as a gift and you will unwrap it whether you unwrap it today or you unwrap it a hundred years from today, it does not matter. It  is in this unwrapping that you will find yourselves. Even in finding who you are, you will realize that you are but one drop of light in the ocean of all existence.  You are one conscious drop as the very molecular structure of your humanness is a conscious drop, as the earth herself is but a conscious drop, as your solar system is but one  conscious drop. 

Everything chooses where it is at.  It loves itself at this point and then it releases itself to become more. Have no expectations of this planet, for in your expectations you limit the outcome of what is to be. In your expectations, you create less than, whether it is an expectation of the weather, of me, of your students, of your loved ones. Just by expecting you create less than.

You are 100% responsible for you and your expanded awareness into more light and more thought and more love but you are not responsible for anything else. Always it is for you. It is for the divinity in you, it is for the Christedness, it is for the holiness in you. When you let go of that you do it for others, then you will have found the place of love. Then you will have found another room of the mansion and then you will have found what you so seek of this time and this place. All else is a creation of fears and of limitations. 

If all humanity were to suddenly Remember, then this earth would disappear for it would no longer be needed. It is but a ‘place of remembering’ and that is all.  All livingness responds to your thoughts, your fears, your abilities, your inabilities, your limitations, your perceptions.  Life gives to you what you think you deserve.

Allow me to come to you. I'm but a breath away, a hair away; come into my room. You invite me so often to come to you, come to me. You will not loose your humanness as you so think. Come into my section of the mansion, visit with me. Let me clear the hairs in your eyes away, that you may see clearly. Let me take the cataracts of your soul and polish them for you. Let me give you the contacts of new light that you so seek. Walk through your day with peace as I give it to you. The unrest within you is an invitation to me. It will disappear in a minute, if you will it and want it. Let go of preconceived ideas of who you are and why you are here.

We are all cut of the same cloth; we are from the same fabric of light.  We paint our faces in disguise to appease ourselves and to please others. We put ourselves on pedestals to be above everything when the plane of existence is an equal plane. Do it always for you, the divinity within you, the Christedness within you.




Mother Mary speaks

As Received By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

I am the essence, the light, the sound, and the thought of Mary. I represent the ultimate Mother, the Divine Mother, the Divine Female, the One who sacrificed all as she came within the fullness of her being. After the time of my Son’s Ascension, I was escorted off, not to be seen again. The energies kept me sequestered away as to protect me in my light, in my body, and in my heart.

Many of you in your existences through space and time, have oft times been scooted away from those that you loved, from those that you are familiar with, from those that you considered to be family. At this time in this intersection of heaven and earth, of stars and sun, it is a time of going back and healing that essence deep within you that still mourns for what could have been what should have been, and what wasn’t. The feeling of being separate, of being abandoned – and yet at the same time, a feeling of being protected for one’s own sake.

The Divine Mother, the Divine Female stands in the center of her journey of healing. She walks the long shores of self, barefoot -- often cutting herself on the shards and the shrouds of the past. She walks barefooted and bare-souled, and bare-hearted into her future. She seeks a time beyond human conception. The Divine Female, the Divine Mother comes full circle into her Cosmic Heart and her Cosmic Self as she no longer licks the wounds of the past, as she no longer camps and sleeps upon the skeletons of what was. She moves quickly yet slowly, gently yet deeply into a future that is embedded within her genetically.

On the stage of life in front of all women of earth sits a chair, a seat of heighten placement, a chair of royalty, a place where no one seems to reside. You each and every one look at it, wondering -- who is to come to sit in that chair, who is to come to take that heightened place, who is it that we wait upon? The chair steps forward and bows its head and curtsies in front of you. For it recognizes that each of you are the royalty, the Chosen One, the Divine Mother that is destined to sit in the chair.

Each of you has birthed Christed Children. Each of you has lost Christed Children throughout time and space. Every position that you have worn throughout time now falls from your neck as it turns back to dust. You are ignited into a place within yourself of Royalty. Finally entering the Kingdom Come, feeling as if you are the Queen of the Universe. I place these 3 empty chairs of Royalty in front of each one of your hearts and each one of your days – and I ask you to try them on. Just like in the fabled story of Goldilocks – trying on the 3 chairs, the 3 beds, the 3 bowls – try this on dear Daughters of the Stars, Sisters of Light, and Mothers of the Christ Child. I ask you to sit in fullness, allowing the root chakra of your being to come in contact with the holy wrappings of what is to come.

To sit there fully elevated – even if it is just a few inches – from the mundane and the humdrum of your everyday life. To allow the molecules at that heightened level to serve you, to bow down to you, to look up to you, to create your wishes, desires and commands -- because you have served and you have served well. The time too commensurate that serving is at hand. You have served time after time, dimension after dimension star, planet, moon, people, animal, life, death. You have served. And you have served not crying or begging to receive your divine place, to receive what is owed to you by all of life, by all of people, by all of the stars. And thus you have accumulated treasures – hoards of treasure, hoards of gifts to come, bountiful, plentiful, cornucopias. But you have not received. And now I say dear Daughters of Light – to sit in this chair, this Royal place of Light, to step up and sit and look over all of creation and allow Creation to give to you.

Celebrate the 365 days of your birth, of your life, of your serving, and of yourself. For women have stayed in the background far too long. They have whimpered and cried in the night. They have seen injustice after injustice. Their hands were tied and their mouths were sewn shut. But now you sit in a place, in a time, and a doorway of coronation. Receiving through the heart, the gifts that have awaited you patiently through all time eternal. You have scrubbed the floors, you have wiped the buttocks, and you have wiped the tears from everything and everyone that you have loved. And Nay – nothing was given onto you. Even in the past—the women of power, the women of plenty - did not receive in fullness, for they were sequestered behind the pantaloons of their husbands as 2nd class citizens.

But I, Mary, Queen of the Universe, come to proclaim to you that you are now united and ignited in Sacred Coronation as you receive your Crown of Light as Queen of your Life. A queen that sits with tears rolling down her face as she looks at all of the plenty that comes her way. A queen that feels guilty as she receives and receives all that life and light has to offer. But it is at this point of receiving that you open a doorway for all the hearts of humanity to receive this plenty as well. Knowing that you are in service in this receiving will make it easier for you, Dear Ones. Celebrate every single day as a birthday, a day of specialness, a day of light, a day of remembrance, and a day of receiving.

Receive these little gifts of spirit day after day. Do not let a day go by that you do not expect gratitude – gratitude from the energies that you have served throughout existence. Finally the circle comes full. It is closed into a Flower of Light at this point of receiving. This comes forward to all the females of earth that have chosen to incarnate as females at this time. There will come a time when the males will receive the same fulfillment in a balanced equation.

As woman you have always been on the back porch of your life, in the back of the bus, the back of the carriage, the back of the train, the back of the burner. And now you are in the forefront. Allow these words to heal you. Sup upon them. Drink from them. And fill your being with them for you escort all of life into a closing ceremony. And in that closing ceremony, you are initiated into the Land of Plenty, into the Kingdom and Queen-dom of receiving, and into the hidden treasures of light. I am Mary. I leave you with these thoughts and words and gifts – for I am the first to give to you.




Quantum Newsletters are lovingly translated into Spanish

by Margarita Lopez and Suzy Peralta, thank you dear hearts.

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