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Created, Channeled, Written, Published and copyrighted since 1986 with Love by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


This newsletter is Spirit Driven and  has been in circulation since 1986.

It reaches a core group of 10,000+ of dedicated  LightWorkers

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Thanks to all of you, the Gathering of She 2009 was a success on every level. The energies were so strong and powerful we have all still not integrated them fully. I want to thank each and every one of you Beautiful ladies for gracing our presence with your beautiful Light. I am  honored and humbled. Holding the Matrix of Light for the event had my full attention so If I did not get a chance to chat with you please forgive me.  Hope to see you all next year at THE GATHERING of SHE  'the Holy She' in October 2010




***11:11:2009 (11:11:11)



*** THOUGHT IS AMPLIFIED Council of Light

*** Cosmic Classified





as received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

The energy of 2009 comes to one of its many peaks thru the valley of change, as we enter a placement of time and light that has disguised itself as a date. 11:11:2009 is an 11/11/11 vibration ushering into the essence of 33, which is another master vibration. The Living essence of the number ‘Thirty-three’ offers you a choice. The holy trinity is activated within the tetrahedron (3-sided pyramid) in your DNA structure. This number offers an opportunity to connect with highly evolved spiritual beings/masters/angels/Christ.

The trinity is the holiness within all of your choices. Your body, mind, spirit in agreement with your Soul's evolution. Within this number, you are not allowed to straddle the razor blade fence of indecision. Connection with the wisdom of the Oversoul and seeing the sacredness in all of your choices no matter what the outcome.

The energy of 2009 has birthed itself into an every changing configuration all year long. one feels as if they have slipped thru time into a fractal pattern of living geometries changing every moment of the very long and very short days. What is cloaked is seen what is visible is an illusion, a magic trick asking you to look at the pretty girl instead of the black box. The mercaba of fear and peace and the tetrahedron they hold within merged into a holy trinity vibration and spun the people out of a black hole they had not been destined to enter. Both the words fear and peace have the same numerical encodings within them always leaving one free to pick. 

The word ‘CHANGE’ is a 29/11 vibration. The energy of change can be great or small, good or bad, black or white. Change that comes out of deep pockets can hold many other energies like a Bill that tries to pass Congress with lots of lint attached to it. Tools for transformation are not always what they seem as one stumbles through the lightless Light to find a friendly shade of gray

2009 is a 29/11 year, one of the 11 Gateways of the 11:11 Encodings. Watching ones words is animated within the structure of 29/11. The power within the word and how one chooses to use it. Speaking problems and solutions in and out of existence. Balancing positive thought, creation with doubt and confusion. Wanting to finish but sometimes afraid to start. The lungs, the heart and the throat hold the vibrations of 29/11 stresses and strains in manifestation or creation is seen in these areas. The volcano holds its tongue until it is ready to let go in fullness. Learning to hold ones power via the spoken word until it is ready to birth at a higher vibration. Using your heart and head as the Creator would. Knowing ALL THOUGHTS COUNT! Believing absolutely in your ability to create. Divine certainty on a DNA level.

. Earth is a planetary home for a group of entities that are destined for greatness beyond their awareness. The announcement of 9The polarity of 29/11 is 92/11 another door thru the 11:11 GATEWAY2/11 asks one to embrace the thought of GREATNESS, without anything attached to it. God is seen face to face in the reflection of ones deeds and thoughts. This sacred encoding asks what God do you worship and do you believe there is more light beyond the level of God that you are aligned with at this time? Light was birthed to become more. Seeking more Light, more God, more truth beyond the highest thought of God and Light you have at this moment in time. Standing at the threshold of immediate change and shift in alliance with every expanded thought.

When the forces of Eleven become fully activated they have the power to change history. Within the number and sequences of Eleven lives all answers and even more questions. Eleven teaches us every problem comes as a divine opportunity to learn. It shows us how to see beyond what is everyday and boring. It try's and tests our faith and our belief system and our faith. It forces us to listen to that small still quiet voice within the silent witness. It reminds us we are all vast beings who have come to earth to help with the healing and awakening process starting with ourselves. It asks you to locate the light within and share it with all. Eleven is our Best Friend and Teacher.

On December 31, 2009, we are given the rare gift of a New Years Eve Eclipse. This is a sacred energy portal that asks us to be exact of our wishes and in speaking the future into existence. On this New Years Eve, plan a Holy Holiday with deliberation and exactness. Write down what yearns within your heart to be birthed into the fullness of earth at this time. Give those powerful words to the New Years eclipse as an offering, a blessings, that yearns to be fulfilled.  Speak your powerful words aloud into the ethers and command the elements of time to seize the day and become all they have yeaned to be.

Dec 31, 2009: Partial Lunar Eclipse is numerically a 7/11 (#9) vibration

This expresses Cosmic and personal completion! Entering the next level of love of heart, of soul and service to the planetary evolution through healing self. Free-falling from the height of the nine into the next level of Light. Entry and exits all in the same breath. A quantum leap into unknown gifts comes through the nine. Are you ready to see and be more than you are at this minute of time? Nine is the photo finish on the heavenly line of multiple choices. If you believe you have won, you have. Your New Years resolutions on 12/31/2009 will be more powerful than a super nova. The heart vibration of these resolutions will surpass space and time and land at the feet of God. Be careful what you pray for, as it will come to past. You are not a sacrificial energy! Honor your original creation, your ability to even be alive and in form, and create from that wonder forward.


In 2010, there is an eclipse that ushers us into a 2 year expedited experience. On 12-20-2010 we have an eclipse that is a 3-3-3- energy.  The numerical vibration of 2010 wears many faces and one of them is of the vibration of 3, the trinity in all its myriad forms. This number offers you choices. The holy trinity is activated within the tetrahedron (3-sided pyramid) in your DNA structure. This number offers an opportunity to connect with highly evolved spiritual beings/ masters /angels/Christ. The trinity is the holiness within all of your choices. Your body, mind, spirit in agreement with your Soul's evolution. Within this number you are not allowed to straddle the razor blade fence of indecision. Connection with the wisdom of the Oversoul and seeing the sacredness in all of your choices no matter what the outcome.

From 12-21-2010 until 12-21-2012 the vibration of time and light will show new expressions and aspects that have never been encountered before. The new years eve eclipse of this year (2009) asks us to pick our words and intentions wisely as one who knows the power of creation.




as received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


Welcome. I am the energies, the frequencies, the perimeters and the parameters of the one that is known as Merlin. I come on this day to introduce you again to the magic that you have forgotten, the magic of transforming all that is dark and dingy and dank in your life into beauty, into love, into golden opportunities. I have walked throughout time wearing many hats of position. Originally as Thoth, as Hermes, as Joseph of Armithea, as St. Germaine, and as Merlin. I come forth on this day to infuse you with the remembrance of how you can turn the 'lead of your life into gold'.

You all have the innate ability to transmute through a thought, through a word, through a glance, and a touch. You have the ability to move past time and space as you know it and by-pass the speed of light and laugh at the speed of sound. Intertwining your energies with all of life. Dancing with the eagles, swimming with the whales and dolphins, fencing with the wind. You have forgotten the beauty of the elements of your planet.

Do not wait for the state of ascension as you are amended to the union of heaven on earth. Do not wait until the light announces to you. "It is time to ascend, it is time to rise from a leavened state. Hesitate not, for it is time to go beyond what you are capable, removing the veil that has hidden you from yourself. You stand at an intersection of light and remembrance waiting for the light to turn. But it is you that must announce and pronounce that incoming light to every cell of your body in a tone of celebration, and a movement of dance that goes beyond what you once knew to be space and time. Come forth fully – do not stay in the hidden depths of your being, in the basements of the past, in the rooms without windows that darken your hopes.

Alchemically your timer and timing is set to engage as your humanness enters the Apex of the Photon light and the planet earth comes fully into a concave elliptical lens of the future. Changing all of life's perspective as it sees itself in the new life that reflects off of a dual Daystar (Sun).

Move the alchemical unit of you into every aspect of your life. For all of it is interconnected and inter-woven and you cannot separate yourself from what you are creating and what is creating you. For every inch of you, every hair, every thought, every iota creates continually with or without your permission, with or without your knowing. Creation stops for no one and no thing. So knowing this, create the gold – instead of the lead and the rocks that you trip upon daily. See every situation, no matter how it looks to your human eye as an opportunity to express to yourself, the true beauty and the true love of what you are about.

I Merlin did not sit in the dungeons upon my hands, grinding up life with a pumice stone but I walked amongst life as you do. You have forgotten your Magic. The magical part of you, --- the part of you that can in a thought move from one location to another. The part of you that can open doorways that are seemingly boarded and bricked shut. The part of you that can fly, can breath underwater, can transform into any animal, any leaf, and any stone in any minute. I come to strip you of what you know to be yourself, to pull away the follicles and the hairs of your humanness to expose a unit of light so grand, so magical, so divine. You wear these vehicles life after life, time after time – and still you do not like them. Every time you wish them away. Yet always they serve you well.

Your humanness comes into a format of being very sensitized and sensitive at this point in time. Do not push it away with words that are not wise, with words that are not loving, with words that hold no feelings, but embrace this time and day fully. Tell it thank you for you are about to enter the doorway of the Apex of the Photon. Look closely at your flesh, for it sparkles. Look closely at the colors of your eyes for they have changed. Look at your thoughts.

All of these elements make up you. You are a body of earth. You are a body of light. You are a body of heaven. And you are a body of man and woman. Treat yourself magically.  You have a doorway within you to all dimensions, to every civilization that has fallen and risen again, to every lost continent, to every lost star, to every lost galaxy.

Time does not exist for you. It exists because of you. I leave you with magic in your heart. This Magic comes from the stars. It comes from you in the future that sits there announcing to you in the now – what is to come undone and what is to come to be. Now I leave. Merlin




 as received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


Welcome. We are the Pleiadian energies. On this day we come forth into your being and into your energy field and into your heart and your awareness. We bring forth the essence of truth – undiluted, untainted raw truth. Truth is what you all seek and truth is what will be issued to you as you walk into more and more of your true essence.

For many years you have hidden from yourself. You stand behind the door looking through the crack at your life, being afraid to fully immerse yourself into life. You do not come here to sit on the sideline, to stand in the bleachers, to hide behind the doors. To come into this life to experience it 100%, to open up every inch of you that has been closed, to feel it in fullness, to let the passions, the juices of life flow through you.

You oft times are afraid of what your heart and your soul and your humanness ask you to do. Your humanness says to walk up to that individual and say hello and your knees quake and shake and you piddle yourself, as fear becomes your companion. Why are you afraid to walk forward and introduce yourself to the very love of your life?

Everything in you screams that you hate where you live, yet do you take one step forward into changing your experience? Do you love where you are planted? Do you bless the land that you reside upon? No, you cuss and you turn your face from it in disgust as the weeds grow higher, the appliances break and the walls peel in remorse because you do not love what you have created. It is a time of loving where you are planted. From that point of loving, from that center of your universe, move forth fully into what your heart desires.

You think your time on earth is so elongated, but in the universal scheme of time, it is but a blink – half of a day and it is done. You sit in the higher realms as you pass over and you cry and you mourn. You mourn what you were afraid to do while you were on earth in human form. You mourn the loves that you were afraid to walk into. You mourn because you feared life. Life is not your jailer. Earth is not a prison. It is but a grand amusement park and you are afraid to ride the rides. Most times you are afraid to ingest the sweetness of the cotton candy of your life. It is too good, it is too sweet, it can’t be good for me, it can’t be lasting, it can’t eternal, and it certainly can’t be Godly.

It is time for all of you to hold your arms open wide and embrace what is yet to come. For your days of time have shortened. You no longer have the gift of time in the package of 24. Time shortens. Your life quickens, You stand still, paralyzed with fear like a deer in the headlights, afraid to move forward, afraid to move backward, afraid to move at all. Your life shows that. Your wallet shows that. Your heart shows that, your cars, your yards, and your jobs show that.

As humans you are Gods in disguise. You represent the Gods in the skies and yet – you see not your power, you see not your abilities, and you see not your future. You are blinded by your own light. You wait for the writing on the walls to explain to you the next step of the journey. But the next step of the journey is described and decreed by your own motions and emotions. When you deny your emotions, there is no motion in your life. Your car stands still. Your body stands still. Your paychecks stand still. Your very dreams stand still. Open up to explore the New World of you. You are all like Christopher Columbus on the very last day of sailing by the maps. You have come to the edge of your world. You have come to the edge of your expectations. Will you fall off? Will you be eaten alive? Will you lose yourself? We certainly hope that you will lose yourself?

Immerse yourself in this next leg of your journey. For what abounds before you is beyond you're conceptual understanding of time and space. Every cell of your body bursts forth as it remembers its stellar origin. You are off the maps. You are off the GPS units. You are off the screens and the satellites cannot find you. You are expanding faster than the speed of light, if you choose. The more that you hold tight to a state of motionlessness, the more your life will scream at you. Your life screams for its life, it screams at you in despair, it screams at you in sadness, and it screams at you in pain.

Open up this threshold for the marriage of heaven on earth is announced. You are the bride and you are the groom and you are the aisle and you are the cake and you are the minister. You walk into a threshold of your future. The future needs you the human to move it. Without you, nothing moves – nothing advances, nothing evolves, nothing ascends into the higher levels of light until the humanness moves forward.

Earth is not meant to be hard. Humanness is a divine point of origin. Life is a gift. Flesh is a gift. Air is a gift. You are a gift. People in your life come to you because you call them to you energetically, spiritually, psychically, and not randomly. There is no one that is in your life other than by your appointment. Love what you have created and let it love you. Honor what you have created. Honor whoever is in your heart, whoever is in your household, and whoever is in your life.

Love this point of creation that you are that you will be, and that you are becoming. The future is up to you. You hold not just the future of your own microcosm, your own minimal existence. But you hold the future of the entire universe that waits for you. Time waits for no man. Time waits for all of mankind.

Each step you take into your fearlessness, each thing that you do that you do in love -- no matter how small, ripples out and touches the universe. A great applause is held and heard throughout the Universe. You took one step forward into fear, into love, into the future. You said, "I do not want to be in this job, or this relationship, or this home, or this vehicle, or this place. I want to be in someplace I honor and honors me." And you stepped away fearlessly. You stepped off the mountainside knowing you could fly without fear.

Your life beckons you. You are not being called into something that is a quicksand. You are being called into a Point of Light that is excited about you being there, that welcomes you into a place that humanity as a whole has never ventured. Jacob’s Ladder of Light is right here. You are already 3 rungs up the ladder. There is not a giant at the top that is going to eat you and push you down. Only you will greet you in your extended light.

What we come to say to you, in a rather serious tone, is that we need you to be in love. Not just with a person, or a body, or a new car – but with your every experience. We need you to like what you do first, to like whom you live with, and to like your family. And then eventually when you are brave, to venture down the corridors of love. We need you to like yourself, because without liking yourself, you can never get to loving yourself. We need you to do that. Honor the vastness of your being and let life honor you. There are no coincidences. There are no mistakes. You are divinely proportionate with what your experience is. You create the ratio of light to dark.

Open up your heart to this next level of your experience. The entire Universe needs you. We are the Pleiadians; more serious then usual and you know how we feel about that. We enjoy playing with you, but there is a time to play and a time to contemplate the future. Whatever you yearn for – become it. Whatever you wish for – let it be an experience. Stop wishing for it – live it. Allow life to come into you and you to come into life, without regrets, without angers. At this time we leave. Open up yourself to receive these truths on whatever level you are capable. You are vast vast beings that we salute. You are braver than we -- as you incarnated at this time of transition and ascension. We hold the porch light on for you as you find your way home. We leave.





as received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

I am Pleiadian of origin. I am feminine of nature and I am love as are you. My energy, my light and my essence is needed at this time and at this place. You will feel my presence as I touch you for you all are contained within my heart as we speak light to light, heart to heart, truth to truth. It is important for you as humans to see the beauty in your life, in your day, and in your physical being.

You spill so much life force being angry at the way you look the way your life has been, and the cards and the card game that you have been dealt. You look at each other with pointed thoughts and sharp words. Your eyes go green and your heart grows cold as you view another who has obtained a little more light, a little more beauty, a little more self confidence – not because they were born with it, but because they have the gift and ability to see those beautiful qualities in others.

The only way to claim your beauty and your wealth and your love is to see it in others. For the world mirrors your own reflection. If you do not feel worthy and prosperous, you see that in your own reflection. It is important to address and see the magic of someone winning your lottery games. Congratulate them energetically and send them love as they have energetically earned this monetary gift. See the true energetic value of your home and your car.

Do not focus on the thought of depreciate but instead focus on the thought appreciate. Allow what you have ownership of to gain value through you. You gain value when you see the value of others. You gain your beauty when you see the beauty of others. And you gain your wealth when you are not jealous of someone doing well, but rejoice in their good fortune. For their good fortune means that your good fortune is right around the next corner, the next thought. Every minute of every day you too shall be blessed if you quietly bless others.

When you see others around you falling deeply in love you too have the opportunity to gain love. The world reflects you. If you are attracting those who were down in the dumps, sad and desperate, look at your own vibration and shift your energy. Change the way you see the world and you will change yourself. Compliment others on their beauty. Compliment them on their beautiful energy each and every day. The inhabitants of Earth have stopped complimenting each other, honoring each other and it shows in earth's aura.

Gain entrance to the kingdom of light through valuing everything on earth. When you toss away something that is old and broken and you love it not anymore, the energy of earth squeezes itself shut in sadness. When you look at something that once had value to you and you choose to release with love the energy of earth opens up in joy. Value your light and your life and the monumental creation that you are. There are not any other species like you. You are a singular creation of the House of Light. The Creator has never created another species like you. That is why you are given charge over the angels, because you are grand in preparation. You are grand in thought and the heart’s desires of the Creator placed into one sphere, into one energy, and into one body.

Everything the earth goes through, you go through in your bodies. It is time to prepare your heart to receive more love. For the essence of the 11:11:11 doorway of November 11, 2009 is a doorway of love. A love so deep and so vast that your sky your oceans your earth is jealous for it has never seen such GLORY. The stars grow dim with envy as they look at this Celestial love. The 11:11:11 love initiates within the hard crystal of the human body. The palpitations within your heart are the breaking down of the walls around you as the sun of the light proclaims to you through her solar emanations. Let my light shine. I leave you with a glorious love for you are already in a grandiose light.




These breathtaking flame jaspers from Madagascar are a perfect image of the canyon of she and the mountain of he. They represent the pink hued stone that rolled off the top of the Mountain to land at its own secret doorway at the bottom of the canyon. Within these beauties are deep truths about what is feminine of nature. The mother needs to go within to the womb of NO-time and see her true reflection in the high noon of day, thus becoming humbled on seeing the great light that lives within the grand design of being human.

The other side of this stone is aligned with what is He of nature. The mountain of he asks you to go to the very top of yourself and see what lies ahead. Without fear dread or remorse look deeply and long at what lies ahead and choose your path wisely with ceetainty. As an overseer of the land, this stone balances both ends of the spectrum. Just to hold this stone you will find a deep peace like no other.  

These beautiful stones contain within them the wisdom of how to weather your humanness, male and female alike and understand that it is opposite sides of the same rock. These stones are powerful tools for channeling cosmic energy in a consistent earthly way. They are ocular healers and allow Heart healing via the eyes. Touching them opens up other sensory experiences allowing them to wrap their loving arms around you.

These beautiful stones are hand carved Picture Jasper from Madagascar. Picture jasper is a stone of gentleness and relaxation. It enhances one's ability to relax and brings tranquility, comforting, wholeness, healing, and gentle endings. Picture jasper helps create harmony, creative visualization, and positive outcomes in business pursuits. It brings and shows hidden messages from the past.  This is a protective stone, and it is particularly protective during shamanic journeying. Used in dreamwork, it can enhance dream recall. It is said to assist in protection and rescue from danger.

It is also said to be a stone that helps in all areas of survival, It shields one from negativity, and can protect from depression. These qualities make it useful as an emotional healing stone.It is also known as the stone of Global Awareness - It promotes brotherhood to work together to save the planet. It is thought to improve the relationship between mankind and nature. Promotes environmental consciousness. It stimulates insight and works on the third-eye chakra, enhancing creative visualization. It can also help us to understand and release our own negative patterns so that we can harmonize with our selves and our surroundings. It is one of the "earth Stones" for the age of redemption & cleansing of the earth. COMING SOON...

I have saved these beauties for this time and place they are all handpicked by me for you.  They ask you to burn away the dross that keeps you from shining as the star you are. To clear the conduits and be open to new cycles that do not fit into the old paradigm.




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