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Created, Channeled, Written, Published and copyrighted since 1986 with Love by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


This newsletter is Spirit Driven and  has been in circulation since 1986.

It reaches a core group of 10,000+ of dedicated  LightWorkers

and births itself into completeness from that point forward



***Time Dances Around You Winding and Unwinding In Precision: The Council of One

*** Remembering Unfounded Dreams

*** Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

***Lemurian Seed Crystals

*** God Gene Crystals



Time Dances Around You,

Winding and Unwinding In Precision

The Council of One

As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


Invocation to Light before channeling:

We call forth the presence of all that is Light, all that is Holy, and all that is Love.  We call forth the presence of the highest aspect of truth and of wisdom.  We ask that all that is hidden be revealed to us and that we have the strength and the courage and the conviction to walk through those truths. 

We ask to all be clear and perfect channels for the highest light of all that’s holy going beyond the atmosphere of the Earth and the solar system to places that we haven’t ventured before in a long time.  We ask that we receive this channeling as a healing and that our hearts and our ears be opened to hear what we need to hear.  We ask for the energies of the highest good that benefits this entire group and all that will hear this to come forth and are aligned with the highest aspects of life.   

We come forth from the light and the place that has always existed

We come forth from what has always been seen as the Light within the Light.  We have existed before you were created.  We will exist after this blue green sphere has turned into a star.  You hold memories of us within your genetic encodings.  We are the COUNSEL OF ONE and each one of us is stationed within a grid point at a sacred entrance and exit on Earth.  We align with what has been holy eternally, long before the Earth was birthed.  We align with what was holy before your solar system existed.  We align with what is holy and that which can never be destroyed. 

Throughout time and space, you have ventured into new degrees of experiencing self.   You have ventured into placements of time where you have slipped as a sailors knot in and out of episodes of self.   You exist simultaneously in a multi-dimensional fashion and it cannot be any other way but you have forgotten the rules and how to play the game as you walk in and out of time, in and out of love, and in and out of light. 

All of these experiences both the good and the bad,  come forth to show you in precise precision exactly where you need to address yourself in order to become more of what the universe asks you to be.  

Within you is a programmed genetic coding to ‘seek’. 

You are known in the universe as the ‘seekers’.  You ask questions when many others do not even bother to think in that direction.   You strive to remember where you have come from, you seek the oneness of love that you know lives as a singular event within your heart and you look for that in the eyes of all that you meet.  Time dances around you, winding and unwinding in such precision that a clock master would be jealous.  Imagine all the cogs in the wheels that turn in each one of your existences to create events that open you to possibilities that you had not entertained.   Imagine that veil being lifted and you can see the inner workings of every human you meet, every reflection in every mirror of every interaction with every individual.

 As you move into these time events you will see the many deceptions each person wears, the many dos and don’ts they have given themselves, the many shoulds and should not’s that they still wrap around themselves as a cloak of invisibility.   These time lines ask you to not be afraid to see what is a global truth, a personal truth, a universal truth. 

These time lines ask you to let go of the fear of death, of life, of love or of succeeding.  You have come here voluntarily to this blue green jewel and you have incarnated into the physical tenacities of flesh.  Many of you are angry at your humanness.  You want to be light and not deal with the flesh but in truth you can be nothing else but light, no matter what form you take in any incarnation.  Like a liquid that enters a different container, you hold the same vibration of light throughout existences you just choose to enter different containers. 

Remember when you were the pure light in the very beginning.  Remember the duality that once lived within the Godhead.  Remember the promises broken and kept that you made to yourself and the light.  In this existence, it is time for you to let go of what you promised self and embrace in the fullness of time of what you promised the light.  Renew the promises and the vows of light that you have forgotten.  Renew your joy for a life that seems so thick with mistrust, illusions and falsehoods. 

You hold the geometries of what is sacred

You hold the promises that you made before you incarnated.  The solar initiations that come are just not of the sun but of the soul and that which comes to dine at the table of light you have set.  Imagine the last supper, at the table sits twelve plus one.(13 is a portal) there are many hidden agendas, many promises that will not kept, many ways the 12 turn away from the light and are ashamed to be seen in the presence of master. Sometimes it is easier to agree with the populous.  Sometimes it’s easier to just quit and turn your pretty head in another direction. 

It is important that for the next two years you hold tightly to the God code/God Gene that lives within you.  Your computer systems give to you a pathway that escorts you into the mind of God.  It is that aspect and that technical understanding that will bring you forth into places that you thought never existed.  For all things now are given homes in a grid work of binary configurations.  In the vibration of ten and 2010, the oneness of humanity is represented and the void/ zero of God.  Know without a doubt that no matter what the truth will be seen and the darkness will be folded back into the place that it needs to be in order for the earth to heal herself.  For when you try to destroy what is dark, you try to destroy a black hole so to speak. 

The darkness knows that its time on Earth is limited before it goes back home to the light and it has chosen to experience what is dark in this physical form and that is its choice.  When you see it, acknowledge it as such but do not try to change it for at this time you are more responsible for your own grid of light, than for shifting the dark in others.  By holding on to the beacon that you represent you will do more good than trying to destroy the dark and bring it into the light.  

The darkness does not have a need to be liked and when you interfere in its particular evolutionary pattern, whether it is in person, politics/etc then it will attack you and that is what you have sensed. There are many black holes that surround your planet at this time.  It is not your job to clean up the planetary black holes / darkness that holds its form because of the negative and black thoughts of humanity.  Nature herself does not have a black heart; she does not wish to harm her children.  These storms/liquid & snow/ that come forth to you represent emotional turmoil and the lack of love on the entire planet.  Many of them will not respond to sending it heart light, or love, and when this happens and you are in the midst of some of these storms, we ask you to pull in your light to hold your immediate area and that is all. 

By sending light to energies that are in a place of real darkness, at this point of time, you do not infuse and free the light – you infuse and free the darkness. So we ask you to sweep in front of your own lives, in front of your own porches, in front of your own dreams and stop trying to change a planet that has to go thru the dark night of the soul to find its light.  This is great sadness but it is true.  Eventually this darkness will succeed from the union of light and earth.  


By the year 2012 there will be a separation of light and dark and all in-between.

Time will change in unique ways for it is shifting every single day with every single thought.  You will come to a point of ascension in physical form without trying to take the rest of the planet with you.  You are 100% responsible for your life and the lives of your children until they are grown and then it is time to let it be.  You must hold who you are through these shifts and not lose yourself to the mayhem that may be happening.

 In the next year, they will report of an asteroid comet type situation that will be coming straight to Earth.  It will be as if all your science fiction movies have all come to pass but which Earth is it headed for.  Is it headed for the Earth that is full of darkness and hate or is it headed for the Earth that seeks the light?

Fifty one percent of your karma needs cleansed in order to ascend to this other side of the fence of light.  Each and every day by monitoring your thoughts your words, your reactions to people’s negativity – for it tries to suck you in, does it not.  When you are around a negative person you fight so hard to be in a place of peace and this could be someone you love dearly and they bring you into their vat of murky waters. 

Every day you are asked to walk in a place of sadness, of anger, of darkness, of hate, because of something  that is global news. Imagine yourself as royalty.  You have been taught to be royal.  As queens and kings, you must hold that royal frequency high, knowing that you are a blue blood, a different bloodline, and that you wear shields of protection and you will not be involved in the downfall of those around you. 

You are a living vortex, you are a living light and you are an emissary of the Heavens.  More and more everything will try to steal that light from you.  The black hole scenario is alive – there are many of them physically forming on the planet at this time.  As Earth rises in vibration, she’s in a different vibratory frequency as well and she has many black holes upon here that are sucking humanity’s hope for if you remember correctly, hope was the last thing left in Pandora ’s Box. 

When you see an injustice and you can’t do anything about it you feel helpless and you ask, Where is God?  Where is the Light?  When people do not see the Hope, when they do not see the war ending, when they do not see their loved ones healing, when they do not see their prayers answered they begin to give up. Their immune systems drop, disease increases and the will to live is lost  When they believe so deeply but there is no proof that the light is progressing, or winning, they begin to wane in the darkness and their days shorten.

many people on Earth do not hear until disaster knocks on their door.  As you walk through your days, be aware of these timed doors, these black holes, these energies of distain. You must trust what your body tells you; trust what your intuition tells you.  Trust what the heart tells you because there are very few in your life that will reflect that truth and if you are lucky enough to have a family member or a friend or a dear one that reflects that beautiful light then you have a treasure because you will be able to withstand the shifts that are happening in the sands of time.  Imagine a very large hourglass and the sands are shifting very quickly through it and then all of a sudden the Universe turns the other way.  Just when you thought you were getting it, they turn it upside down and the sands of time shift again and things are different again and what was is not any longer and it ends.  Then within three months of getting used to that, the sands of time are turned again.  That hourglass is what is happening to you. 

Each time you think that you have a grip on your life or your situation, something immediately shifts.  Each time you think you have tamed the wild beast in your family, in your boss, in your congress; it raises its ugly snake filled head.  Know without a shadow of doubt that when there is upheaval around you that means the light is shining bright within you.  When everything is turned upside down it represents that your life is a light that shines grand enough for the darkness, in its form, to notice you. You may have friends where nothing seems to happen to them.  They don’t have any instant karma, they don’t have any upheavals, and you wonder 'why do I get yelled at by the Universe all the time'?  Why don’t other people have to pay the karma, pay the debt, pay the insult to another.  You are on the proprietary list.  You are listed first on the label, and that is why when your light is solid and strong so many energies come to take it away, to stop believing.  However, if those like you stop believing there will be no hope for the planet. 


You have held the light for so long wading thru this time, this energy, this space and now what you have prepared for will come forth.  In this work and dedication, you have accrued goodness in any form that you choose.  Imagine having a universal charge card and you have many many monies and credits on it.  This energy is there for your use however you choose to use it.  You have saved this blessing for end times as we know.  Spend them how you wish in accordance to your heart.  Do not spend them to get away from the rising waters or the shaking earth or the collapse of the economy because one iota of belief in that will be a drop of poison in a bucket – everything will be tainted.  You cannot spend your thoughts in a dark place. 

No matter what the proof is, you have to believe in the highest truth, the highest light, the highest frequency on earth no matter how it appears until the very end.  The energies of imagining that you are in battle on the battlefield in the days of old and suddenly you stop to pray, like Joan of Arc must have done as she battled what was injustice.   Praying and talking to God in the midst of battle – that is what you will be asked to do.  To instantaneously go into meditation, to instantaneously bring forth protection from a higher light, for you cannot protect all the soldiers on the battlefield but you can hold your own frequency.  You are becoming the singularity, the event horizon, by yourself and no matter how much you love another you cannot make them become that singularly of light.  They have to choose on their own.  This same repercussion happened during the time of Atlantis when great upheaval happened and you were separated from those you love and you had to believe and you had to trust.  


From now until the end of the year you will find yourself in an accelerated visionary capacity

– open eye visions, happening as you are driving, as you are talking to another, as you are just sitting pondering in your bathrooms.  This energy, this ocular frequency, is opening up eight separate portals within the eye structure.  There are many parts of your eyes that are like a honeybee hive – there are hexagons within them.  There are eight portions of these geometric frequencies within your eyes that will be happening around the iris of your eyes and you will notice your eyes will change color.  People will speak that your eyes have changed color from one conversation to another.  These portals of seeing are coming as a gift for you.

 For years some have lost their sphere of visibility.  It’s like the cord was cut or tied in a knot and nothing flowed.  This time period allows you to see and then hold on to that information as a truth. 

As you have the eyes to see again a great responsibility comes forth.

In this responsibility you will be shown how to deal with what you have found to be the truth.  We do not ask you to be flustered, fearful and angry over what you see.  As the Seers, what you see is not always pretty. See with the eyes of the universe. You are becoming as LISTENERS as well. You hear the thoughts of others, you hear the cries for help and silently you address that.  You are so sensitive to these energies, we ask you to lift your senses, lift your seeing abilities, lift your listening abilities, lift your knowing abilities to a place where they cannot be dislodged.   How many times a day do you ‘flunk’ in the name of the Light? Imagine all the people that don’t even think about trying, that don’t think about being a better person, or about doing a kindness. 

Allow these truths to escort you into higher octaves of your own DNA patterning. you have played every role thru time and you hold that information within you.  We try hard to prepare you with as many vibrational tools as possible. Helping you to move effortlessly in a fluid manner through these shifts. You are the one that holds the light and anchors it.  Even when everyone stole every hope that you had, every mustard seed of faith, you came back to the light.  You do not know anything but the light and that is who you are.  We are the counsel of the one and we are part of your light as you are part of ours.  We leave. 


Remembering Unfounded Dreams

As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


As we get closer to the dawn of our new life, that which has been dormant now comes alive.  All that we have in hopes and dreams that have been drained and tainted by life’s demands slowly surface within the rising waters of our world.  Healing occurs at a high level of joy as one begins the process of remembering unfounded dreams.  What has festered as unrequited joy now shows up in your yard demanding your emotional and physical attention.  Looking back at your past gives to you the fuel to burn the dross from your life.  What still sits in your heart as a ghostly memory now haunts your place of peace.

As these unrequited memories surface, they demand all of your time and attention. Do you receive them or let them pass you by again?  Within that choice is a great vortex of power to be spent from this port of energy. Preparing for past dreams to come true takes courage and conviction. As the unrequited dreams smile at you from the sidelines of your life wave your acknowledgement and jump for joy with acceptance.  Do what your heart needs to do in order to feel good again.



Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


Words, like seeds have  a great creative power.  When we speak we are giving life to what we are saying, planting a seed.  We are going to get exactly what we are speaking.  We are who we are today because of the words we have spoken in the past.  All of our words will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Listen to what you say about yourself.  Negative thoughts don’t need to become negative words.  The moment you speak something outright it takes on a whole new meaning and a whole new energy.  If you don’t like what you’re experiencing start changing your words. 

We prophesize the future by the words we speak in the now.  Our words are always a self fulfilling prophecy.  Don’t plant negative seeds – only prophesize the good and the intention of good.  You can cancel out the Universe’s best laid plans by your own negative words and negative musings.  Death and life are the power of your words.  You will have what you say.  Your words are going to give life to exactly what you’re saying. 

It’s better to say nothing than to say something negative. 

Negative words cancel out God’s plan you’re cursing your future

 – you’re cursing your life with your every thought and words.  You can use your words to curse your life or you can use your words to bless your life.  Speak words of faith; declare God’s favor in your light and in your heart.  Change the atmosphere of everywhere you go with your words – call in good, call in light, call in love and call in divine help. 

Don’t talk about problems, talk about solutions.  We are not reporters of our life but we are forecasters of our life.  We should call to the invisible as if it already were visible.  Call in to that which you desire, call it with faith filled words, call it with light.  Change your world by changing your words.  Death and life is in the power of your tongue.  Are you birthing or are you destroying? 

Circumstances line up with every word you speak

 – your words are a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You are the creator of your own circumstances.  What you have created by your words you can change.  When we act negatively to sudden changes and chaos in our life we are delaying the purpose of their creation.  If we accept chaos as an opportunity for spiritual elevation then the pain will disappear.  We alone determine the rate of which turmoil passes.  There are countless futures which exist at the same time.  Our own behavior determines which universe we enter in to.  Prophecy is seeing the future in our present actions.



‘LEMURIAN SEED’ Crystals from Quantum


All crystals are composed of a special type of matter. They are solid with an internal arrangement of atoms and molecules. Like all "living" things, crystals are "born" from a seed and undergo a deep growth process. Many believe that a crystal is alive only during its growth and formation period. When complete it leaves behind a solid body containing the essence of its inner expression. Although its "life" ends after the crystal stops growing, its spirit or over soul remains accessible within the geometric form it created, and this is available for our use.

Lemurian Seed Crystals are believed to be a gift to the earth from the far off reaches of the Universe brought to earth during the time of ancient Lemurian. The Hall Of Records of Lemuria is held within the striations and cloudy formations of these crystals.  Instead of being shiny, they appear frosted and matte like.  The consciousness of Lemuria has never left, and has been kept alive within the crystalline seeded records. Lemurian crystals create an interstellar connection between earth and the center of the galaxy. They contain & transmit messages of equality and radiant love from ancient to advanced civilizations

These beauties are unpolished raw and natural just as they were found. They are sure of themselves and have no fore thought of being misused by anything or anyone. As soon as one holds them they begin their work in an effortless fashion that both calms and lifts the spirit. They ask you to go to the place of creating and see your life as you so desire it deep in your heart. And let that heart dream be set free by the soft pristine beauty of these Lemurian Seed Crystals.

Lemurians can be used to open and cleanse all chakras and meridians. They open and expand the Heart chakra. Once open and cleared, the energy of the chakras and meridians can allow one to make timely transformational changes in their life. These Crystals are a blend of "down-to-earth" energy, mystical realms of the past, other presents, and other futures. The energy in Lemurian crystals multiplies and focuses the overall energy of Quartz many times. They contain & transmit messages of equality and unconditional love from ancient advanced civilizations

If you hold a Lemurian Quartz in your right hand while you walk around and encircle something (a person, an object, your house, etc) it will create a circle of light protection. These crystals will be attracted to people who will actively assist in bringing through the anchoring energies that will aid the planet in these times. to be posted on web page soon.




These powerful christalline Masters come to show us a Great Light.  They come to remind us about our ‘Parent Light’, that which all in the universe speeds toward. These Gorgeous crystals are navigational markers, allowing time passages to be opened and seen.  They come to teach us about our DNA links to and from other universes and time domains.

All of history to come is built into the DNA of man. We of earth hold within us 144 star systems that gave of themselves for the original genetic seeding of earth.   Mankind is programmed to remember for a God who never forgets. As certain time doors and dated events transpire (like 2012), an innate remembrance of futures to come is brought to the surface. A sense of déjà vu is included in a future that is unseen but felt on many levels.  This gift allows one the divine choice of awareness. They activate a greater ability to integrate with the time paradox in order to receive messages from your past and future selves. These crystalline beings naturally enhance this ability. They direct you to be present, while at the same time accepting energy, and messages from your future and multidimensional selves.

Active participation is needed to shift the time domains into a place that is fearless. By energetically entering the human DNA helix, one is able to consciously change the previous profile creating an instinctive understanding of ones own destination and true nature.  You are not bound to DNA contracts that have outgrown there usefulness as time and events have shifted and no longer include them.  What once served your earthly ancestors no longer serves you. What once was a disease that changed the dynamics of the human race is no longer a necessary learning in your present world. 

The God Gene hypothesis proposes that human beings inherit a set of genes that predisposes them to believe in a higher power. At a certain time in the history of the planet this sleeping gene will be activated and set into motion. We are not just some meaningless product of evolution. Each of us is a thought of God. Before we were birthed into form, we were held with the heart of God waiting for the perfect moment to issue forth from a divine wellspring.

Within the God Gene is an extensive biological indexed library, in this vast place ask for the Master Light within this God Gene Christal to assist you in getting to the heart of the matter. In this ancient and sacred place you can release any and all genetic blocks that have kept you less than.

These include; Blocks to perfect health, Pre-program diseases, Blocks to being healed, Emotional blocks & wounds, Addictive programs, Programs with any type of modern disease. Desire to suffer programs, Blocks to receiving and deserving miracles, self-punishment programs, hate of self programs, pain programs. to be posted on web page soon.



Quantum Newsletters are lovingly translated into Spanish

by Margarita Lopez and Suzy Peralta, thank you dear hearts.

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