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11:11 2016


Phantom Crystals

On 11-11 2016 a galactic nexus point will be birthed with the help of very human midwifes. In The next year we enter a place of ‘no-time as all of life rearranges and reconfigures itself to adjust to the new time sequences that have forced them selves upon us.  The energies heave and hoe as they intertwine with our every cell that makes up humanity. Original Light will be felt by mankind as promises present themselves disguised as foxes in a henhouse. Nothing is deemed necessarily so, nor written in the sands of time. All is as is fleeting as Tempus Fugit; every thing will fly upon the winds of change.

Within the center of these beautiful Phantom crystals lives a portal of formation, an ancient place beckoning one to enter and see with a new ‘I AM.’  The pyramid power within each Phantom is potent and giving. It invites one to enter and sit within to receive teachings of time rewritten.  This crystal recognizes that you are an integral part of the cosmic equation.  a distinctive spice the universe could not live without. The phantom within these crystals is a sacred place which allows prayers to be taken to heart and consecrated. It asks you to enter the crystalline ‘earth lodge’ connecting you to Earth's heart

11:11 is a number activation sequence. Each time that you see that sacred configuration on a clock it represents that you are being given an opportunity to walk into a Gateway of Instant Manifestation. The universe has just taken a snapshot of your thoughts, which are then manifesting in record speed.

The 11:11 Doorway begins its activation on November 11, 2016 and closes on January 11, 2017. It is a gateway into your highest potential as a human seeking divinity. The number One is a singularity within itself, a prime number. The 'One' seeks itself through reflections of the world around it. This doorway offers an opportunity to surpass any limitations you have unknowingly set for yourself. One to one to one enter the holiness hidden deep within your soul in the land of 'all that is'.

Eleven is also the number of masters. It is an encoded molecular structure of Remembrance. The Light of Ascension comes in many forms and on many levels. This is a Biological Ascension asking your body to hold a higher light a higher truth.  We Ascend and descend continually, word by word, thought by thought. Ascension is birthed  every breath, every thought, every word.

When the forces of Eleven become fully activated they have the power to change history and even fate if enough love is globally broadcast. Eleven teaches us every problem comes as a divine opportunity to learn. It shows us how to see beyond what is everyday and boring. It tests our faith and our belief system. It forces us to listen to that small still quiet voice within the silent witness. It reminds us we are all vast beings who have come to earth to help, with the healing and awakening process. It asks you to locate the light within and share it with all. Eleven can be our Best Friend and Teacher.

Phantom Crystals are the keys to Time. The phantom crystal has experienced numerous lifetimes, of learning, while continuing in the same physical configuration. this crystal represents the many phases of life, which may be experienced simultaneously and multi-dimensionally.  The structure within the crystal exhibits triangular and pyramidal formations. The phantom within allows the earth to have total recall.  Using these beautiful crystals as a powerful remembering tool. Phantoms can be used to access the Akashic records.

A phantom crystal can help you heal from being hurt, past/ present/ future and  heal deep emotional injuries. These crystals that will usually come into your life at a time when you are ready to heal. Just sitting with this crystal will help you heal the pain.  The phantom represents the many types of life, which may be experienced symbolizing universal awareness.  It is one of the Earth stones to be used for redemption and cleansing of the earth and initiation thru healing.  

The phantom allows the earth to recall how it was prior to any destruction, allowing for smooth earth changes during the corrective healing process.  It is an excellent tool for meditation and connecting with the higher realms of knowledge. It can also be used to access the Akashic records of future and past-lives. The phantom crystal can also be used to assist one in meeting new or old spiritual guides and teachers.  Each phantom records the exact time in history when it was formed: you may well be looking at a crystal that is over 200 million years old.

These are the keys and the recorders of the past. The phantom within the crystal is a sacred place that time remembers. It asks you to enter not as yourself but as a multi-universal being who has always existed. knowingly enter, knowingly remember.  As you look deep into the pyramid within the Phantom Crystal see yourself entering a timeless stargate, a place beyond recorded time.  Feel the living light offering itself to you, wrapping around you in an everlasting embrace.






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